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bellavista Ventilator

Overview presentation with companty introduction, USPs, fields of application, videos and more...

Christian Calame

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of bellavista Ventilator

PF300 Flow Analyser
CITREX Testing Device
Test Lungs
bellavista Ventilator
Engineering, Technology and Experience for the Medical Device Industry,
founded 1991
aeris Compressor
and many more...
Efficient ventilation in the clinical setting

Intensive Care

Extensive Diagnostics
Ventilation Performance
New User Experience
Ventilation and Testing Devices,
founded 1999
Privately owned
From powerful NIV to very precise invasive ventilation
Thanks to high flow turbine and very fast inspiration valve
beModes assist in therapy and treatment
Pulse oximetry and capnography connected directly to the ventilator
Configurable monitoring screens and maneuvers facilitate diagnostics and decision making
Curve and loop analysis, together with extensive parameter and realtime trending allow detailed analysis and case documentation.
Supporting different ventilation philosophies
Adult ... Pediatric ... Neonatal (2 mL)
Specialized screens such as the user friendly Settings Assist provide the information necessary for your work
Connection Assist and Ventilation Assist for simple setup
Different monitoring screens, language support and built-in operating instructions facilitate the operation and understanding.
Intuitive sliding from screen to screen and a flat main menu encourage self trainingn and easy understanding
imtmedical ag
Gewerbestrasse 8
CH-9470 Buchs

Click to watch video
Click to play video
Click to play video
Click to watch video
Click to play video
Click to play video
Fast INV / NIV decision making
Smart start with Ventilation Assist
User-oriented monitoring
Compact and light
Independant: turbine and 4h battery
High quality ventilation on the move
Outstanding ventilation performance
Extended monitoring and maneuvers
Adaptive ventilation modes
High quality ventilation on the move
PDMS and Monitoring integration
Outstanding NIV performance
Extensive monitoring: capnography and pulse oximetry
Very quiet operation
Long term trending
Quiet operation
Day/Night beMode
The most comfortable ICU ventilator yet
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