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Melissa Silk

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of Lumifold

learning from from nature's best ideas to solve human challenges
so we can adapt nature's best ideas to create a healthier, more sustaining planet
an arrangement of exactly the same parts on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane or about a center or an axis
symmetry is the Mathematical thread that underpins and pulls the design elements of this project together
a repetition
because the repetition of the single shape leads to the creation of a pattern
the pattern used in this project is called a "glide reflection"
people prefer shapes that have some symmetry but also enough complexity to make them interesting
when design mirrors nature there are endless possibilities...
today we will focus on folding
source: http://www.elasticfield.com/seedsensor.htm
source: http://www.popsci.com.au/robots/drones/folding-wings-help-drones-bounce-back-after-a-crash,402193
source: http://gajitz.com/folded-paper-sensors-detect-deadly-diseases-on-the-cheap/
the formation of this pattern uses iteration by reflection and movement parallel to the line of reflection
ferrocement origami dwellings designed by global architect Annapama Kundoo
source: http://cusp-design.com/designer/anupama-kundoo/
glide reflections provide this complexity whilst maintaining the properties of symmetry
A'B'C' is the image of ABC
under a glide reflection that is a composition of a reflection over the line
and a translation through the vector
flat to form 2D to 3D

the boundaries of the basic shapes together with the internal symmetries of the basic shapes are the fold lines
the basic shape is iterated by a glide reflection... all lengths and angles remain the same
the internal symmetries of the basic 2D shape create the possibility of 3D form
the choice of internal symmetries and the symmetrical glide reflection determine the ultimate form and strength of the end product
the nature of the form relies on the number of valleys and hills that meet at a point

the total number must be even

the number of valleys and hills must differ by two

the choice between numbers determines whether the shape is formed...
up down
by rotating the orientation of the paper, we create different contexts of strength and stability
without the glide, the form would have no rigidity
Sample Mathematics Unit of Work
A STEAM Project
sometimes biomimetic ideas can be very small forms such as nano sensors like these "seed" designs
for access to Lumifold resources and more information about why this is a perfect STEAM project.
Embedding the Arts in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics.
sometimes biomimicry is very easy to see
or maybe it's simply the function of a design that mimics nature
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