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ICT and Computing

Learn what's on offer for ICT and Computing

Mark Mills

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of ICT and Computing

ICT and Computing
Why Study at EBS?
Meet the staff
we're here to help
Mrs Rice
Mr Humphreys
Mr Mills
Eaton Bank Academy is a great place to study ICT and Computing. We have excellent facilities including a dedicated Computer Science suite.
... at Eaton Bank Academy
“... it seems people are becoming more consumers of code and less creative with code – downloading applications but having absolutely no understanding of how such apps are created.”
data structures
Problem solving, programming, data representation and the Practical Exercise
Computer components, The Stored Program Concept and the Internet
Problem solving, Programming, Operating Systems, Databases and Networking
The Computing Practical Project
Can you solve these puzzles?
A bottle and a cork cost 80p. The bottle costs 50p more than the cork. How much does the cork cost?
Suppose you and I have the same amount of money. How much must I give you so that you have 10 pounds more than me?
A certain dog was stolen one day. Three suspects - Mike, Spike and Slug - were rounded up for questionning. They made the following statements ...

Mike : I didn't steal the dog
Slug : I stole the dog.
Spike : Slug never stole the dog!

As it happens, at most, only one of these three statements was true. Who stole the dog?
Four prisoners are arrested for a crime but the jail is full and the guard has nowhere to put them. He devises a puzzle - if the prisoners can solve it they will be freed else they will be executed.
The Bottle and the Cork
Who stole the dog?
The Prisoner Hat Problem
The guard makes three of the men sit in a line. The forth man is put behind a screen. All the men are given hats and the guard explains that there are two red hats and two blue hats. The prisoners can see the hats in front of them but not on themselves or behind. The forth man behind the screen cannot see or be seen by any other prisoner. No communication between the men is allowed.
If any prisoner can figure out and say out loud to the guard what colour hat he has on his head, all four prisoners can go free. How can the prisoners escape?
Approachable and supportive staff who know you
Good class sizes
Great prior results
Activities are tailored to meet the needs of individuals in the group
"Our ICT specification allows learners to explore the latest technologies and develop a broad range of skills essential in the modern world. Practical elements inspire and challenge providing a sound base for further study and life in general. "
G061: Information, Systems and Applications (2 hour exam)
Topics covered in this unit include:
• Data, information, knowledge and processing
• Software and hardware components of an information system
• Characteristics of standard applications software and application areas
• Spreadsheet concepts
• Relational database concepts
• Applications software used for presentation and communication of data
• The role and impact of ICT – legal, moral and social issues.
G062: Structured ICT Tasks - Coursework
This unit gives learners the opportunity to explore:
• Design
• Software development
• Testing
• Documentation
G063: ICT Systems, Applications and Implications (2 hour exam)
In this unit, learners gain an understanding of:
• The systems cycle
• Designing computer-based information systems
• Networks and communication
• Applications of ICT
• Implementing computer-based information systems
• Implications of ICT.
G064: ICT Project - Coursework
Here learners explore:
• Definition, investigation and analysis
• Design
• Software development, testing and implementation
• Documentation
• Evaluation
Devious Diagram
The diagram was constructed according to a certain logic. Can you figure out which number should replace the question mark?
We KNOW you!
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