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Special Tricks in Pinhole Photo

No description

Mary Fountain

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of Special Tricks in Pinhole Photo

Special Tricks in Pinhole Photo
How do we become ghosts?
Can you figure out how?

Take a minute to think about how this may work, discuss with your table for 1 minute.

Fisheye Effect
Everything looks better through a fisheye lens! (I don't really believe this...)


How does a fisheye lens work?

The shape of the lens is curved, allowing for the aperture to capture a WIDE angle of view, causing slight distortion of the included subject matter.

Your pinhole camera can achieve this affect too! Brainstorm with your table about how this might work (1 minute)
Only ______________ will be accepted for final images.

When it is sunny outside, the exposure time will be around how long?

What about when it is overcast?

Ghost Images
Because the exposure time is so long, you can make people or objects appear slightly transparent- like a ghost!
Since our exposure time is so long, if we have our subjects situated in front of the camera for only a portion of the total exposure time, we can achieve the ghost effect.

Once time has halfway expired, the subject will be moved and the camera will begin to record what was behind the subject, thus creating the transparent look.
Many people used curved cameras- my high school photo teacher gave us paint cans to use.
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