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PH 223 25:4-5

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of PH 223 25:4-5

Two small plastic spheres each have a mass of 2.0 g and a charge of -50.0 nC. They are placed 2.0 cm apart, what is the electric force on each sphere?
What are the strength and direction of an electric field that will balance the weight of a 1.0 g plastic sphere that has been charged to -3.0 nC?
5.0 cm
2.0 nC -2.0 nC
-6.0 nC
3.0 nC
"Can you find a velocity field from more than one point charge?"
"On a line, a +5 nC charge is positioned at x = 0 and a -10 nC charge is placed at 10 where would a test charge feel no force?"
"Can you explain more about electric fields?"
"I did not understand #4 on the quiz."
"When talking about Coulombs law it states that it "obeys an inverse square law analogous to Newton's law of gravity". Is there any relationship between the two? Or do they just happen to follow similar laws?"
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