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How To Play Football

No description

Tyler Crittenden

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of How To Play Football

How To Play Football By Tyler Crittenden The Field A Football field is 100 yards long and 50 yards wide.The end zone is ten yards long. There is a stripe that goes across the field every 5 yards. In between the lines are hash marks that mark every one yard. At the back of every end zone is a goal post. The Kickoff The game is always started with a Kick-off. A designated person called the kicker will kick the ball to the other team. A coin toss
before the game decides which team kicks off. If the kicker kicks the ball out of bounds, then that is a penalty. The rest of the people on the kicking team try to tackle the guy that is returning the kick. The Return The team that is receiving the kick sends a specific person to receive it. When that person catches the ball, they will get a chance to return it for a touchdown. The rest of the people on the receiving team try to block for him. Offense The offense's goal is to score points. They can move down the field by passing or running. The offense will get four chances to gain a first down, which is ten yards. If they get the first down, then they get four more chances to get another first down. Punts On fourth down, the offense has the option to punt. A punt is when a specific person called the punter kicks the ball from his hands to the other team. The other team then tries to return the kick. The defense's goal is to stop the offense from getting first downs and scoring. The defense tries to tackle the offense before they can get a first down. If the defense stops the offense, then the offense is forced to punt and the defense's team gets the ball back. Defense Touchdowns A touch down is when a player has possession of the ball past the goal line. A touch down is worth six points. Extra Points After a touchdown the team that scored
will get a chance to kick an extra point.
An extra point is worth one point. They could also go for a two point conversion and
get two points. Field Goals If a team fails to get a first down, then on fourth down they have the option to kick a field goal. A field goal is when the kicker tries to kick the ball through the goal posts. A field goal is worth three points. Safeties A safety is when a player is tackled in their own end zone. A safety is worth two points. The points go to the defense's team. After Points Any time a team scores, other than a safety, they must kick it to the other team. Time A Football game is divided into four fifteen minute quarters. The clock stops when there is a kickoff, incomplete pass, a player carries the ball out of bounds, the ball is spiked, there is a penalty, or if a timeout is called. When the time runs out, the game is over. Football In Action Now that you know how to play football, lets see some in action. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=8700927 The End And that is how you play football. Sources About.com/Football
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