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The Interdisciplinary Studies Program

An overview of National-Louis University's graduate program for teachers.

Pamela Schroeder

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of The Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Interdisciplinary Studies in Curriculum and Instruction (IDS) of the National College of Education at National-Louis University Approximately 20 months to complete
Three terms, nine courses (26 credits), plus an additional six credits of electives
Master in Education Degree (M.Ed.) Curricular Strands Curriculum and Instruction
Human Growth and Development
IDS Program Outcomes Striving to be critically reflective about one's teaching and profession
Identifying social, economic, and political issues in teaching, learning, and schooling
Engaging in action research on personally and professionally relevant topics that will contribute to teaching, learning, and schooling
Helping build a community of learners that engage in meaningful conversation about critical issues of education and teaching practice
Reflecting critically on teaching and learning within the context of one's own life history and teaching career
Engaging with complexities
2 + 1 Model For every two hours of instructor contact time, one hour of time linking the classroom to the workplace is expected from each student in the program. Resource Instruction Research Round Table (spring and fall)
Events outside the program (field trips, workshops, speeches, school board meetings, plays, musical performances, museum visits) Evaluation and Assessment Jointly agreed on criteria for letter grades (attendance, participation in the group, journals, projects, research project, independent study projects)
A portfolio or archival collection of individual work (journals, autobiographies, independent study projects, research projects, material from classroom applications, etc.)
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