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PLE_BCN Informal Learning in formal contexts? An empirical assessment of the potential role of PLEs in higher education

No description

Sabrina Herbst

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of PLE_BCN Informal Learning in formal contexts? An empirical assessment of the potential role of PLEs in higher education

Social Software in higher education context Enrolment Social Networks TEMPORAL CONTEXT LEARNING Final Exam/ Master Self dependent
scientific work Supported by (e.g.) Additional
qualifications Online communities PLE-Resources After Study ORIENTATION PHASE Intermediate Exam/ BA Socialize with
fellow students Learn about
the field of study Study-related weblogs THE STUDENT LIFE CYCLE Before Study Tasks/activities (e.g.) PLE-Hype "E-learning content is syndicated, much like a blog post or podcast. It is aggregated by students,
using their own personal RSS reader or some similar application. (...) [I]t is remixed and repurposed
with the student's own individual application in mind, the finished product being fed forward to
become fodder for some other student's reading and use." (Downes 2005) CONFLICT USER TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTIONS HOW TO DISSOLVE THE CONFLICT? SOCIAL CONTEXT students as community of practice FOCUS GROUPS INTERVIEWS What are challenges and tasks of... ...informal learning in higher education and... ...what kind of social software is used to deal with them? "At the beginning you don't know which way to go, you don`t have anything in your hand (...) I stood in my studies and wondered how I could handle it." "you know for sure that others have exactly the same problem" moving through the course "entry into things I have to do to pursue the studies successfully and to achieve one's aim" "In the introductory study period you had a nice schedule and were not self dependent. (...) You are gradually forced into self-dependency later, as there is no other opinion." "In the end you have to write the final thesis. That means, you are completely alone and you don't even need to ask fellow students to help you." FUTURE CHALLENGES FOR HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS pre-configuration of PLE tools and contents support for communities of practice capacity building "Today's students are no longer the people
our educational system was designed to teach" (Prensky 2001) P L E mindmapping bookmarking research networking collaborative learning get to know calendar work internship learning socializing organization communication exchange information autonomy integration disintegration Informal learning in formal contexts?
The potential role of PLE in higher education COMMENTS herbst.sabrina@gmail.com HISBUS 21 (2008) FINAL EXAM
ORIENTATION "some people realize - that's nothing for me - and leave" -
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