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AP World History: Period 1 Review

No description

Jack Vanderflught

on 13 September 2018

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Transcript of AP World History: Period 1 Review

Why did the original
inhabitants of Australia
not develop agriculture?
(hint: think about the
geographic factors)
The Neolithic Revolution
occurred first in what
geographical region? (hint:
think about the first civilizations)
Which of these were not
affected by the development
of agriculture?
1) male-female relations
2) the stability of human settlements
3)population size and life expectancy
4) the tendency to believe in many gods
A characteristic of the
human species before the
advent of civilization was?
(hint: consider early mobility)

The Paleolithic Age
refers to ???

Hunting and gathering
societies organized into
what size of political units?

Which of the following is
NOT a reason why metal
tools became preferred to
stone tools?
1) they were more durable
2) they were easier for ordinary people
to make at home
3) they were sharper and more precise
4) they could be used to make accurate
Which river valley
civilization was most
completely destroyed
by natural disasters such
as climate change?

Egypt differed from
Mesopotamian civilization
by stressing which of these:
1)more modest building projects
2) firm religious beliefs
3) well-organized, durable empires
4) extensive trade
The characteristic political
organization of the Tigris-
Euphrates civilization was ???
(hint: The question is asking
was type of government system
did they practice)
Sumerian civilization produced the first ???
(hint: think Hammurabi)
The earliest known writing
in a civilization first developed
in ???
The development of writing
1) helps explain why agriculture could develop
2) helps explain why governments could become more formal and bureaucratic
3) was unusual in an agricultural society
4) resulted from new technologies, notably the invention of paper
A society is most certainly
a civilization if which of the
following circumstances?
1) it gathers good to survive
2) it has some political structure
3) it has religious rituals
4) it practices sedentary agriculture
Which of the following
is NOT an important development
of writing in history of the river
valley civilizations?
1) record keeping
2) farming
3) commerce
4) bureaucracy
What advantage does an
agriculturally based society
have over a hunter-gather
based society?
The most significant
contribution of the Phoenicians was ???
In what regions did the first
civilizations develop?
Jewish monotheism . . .
1) influenced no other religions
2) emerged at the high point of Sumerian civilization
3) was spread actively by Jewish missionaries throughout the Middle East
4) proposed a less human-like and more abstract God
Which one of the following is true about
early river civilizations?
1) Writing was only found in the Nile River valley
2) The Huang He culture in China was the most isolated
3) sedentary agriculture first developed in Mesoamerica
4) the use of metal tools spread very slowly
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