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The law of gifts

Professor Annette Carla Bouzi's Property Relationships course at Algonquin College

Annette Carla Bouzi

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of The law of gifts

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The law of gifts
LAW 2211 - Property Relationships
Algonquin College
Professor Annette Carla Bouzi
A voluntary and intentional transfer of property from the owner to another without consideration
Two requirements:
1. Donor must have good title
2. Donor must have an informed intention to give
General Principles
1. Once a gift is complete, it cannot be revoked
2. Gifts can be prohibited by statute
Standing v. Bowring
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
Family Law Act
Types of gifts
1. Testamentary
2. Inter vivos
3. Donatio mortis causa
Testamentary gifts are governed by estate litigation
Inter vivos gifts can be oral or by deed
Donatio mortis causa occurs in situations of imminent death of the donor.
Gift becomes effective at death and is revocable until that time
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