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How to Lower the Drinking Age Safely

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Andrew Holben

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of How to Lower the Drinking Age Safely

How to Lower the drinking Age Safely Introduction
Drinking Culture: Kentucky Changing Our Culture Lowering the Drinking Age
to 18 Choose Responsibility Conclusion Choice 1: Avoiding Alcohol Altogether Choice 2: Drinking Illegally The Truth About UK:
75% of all underage students drink (Fields et al 4) Possible Reasons why Underage Students Drink:
at 18, students feel they are responsible enough to drink
at 18, they are eligible to fight for this nation
feel that in college everyone drinks, so why shouldn't they?
Largest Reason: UK's culture of drinking 19th Century: Bourbon is Created Moonshine 1984: President Reagan signs Uniform Drinking Age Act, which makes 21 the federal age for drinking USA Culture: believes that alcohol is a terrible thing, and must be hidden from people under age 21 European Culture (specifically Italy): parents teach kids how to drink alcohol responsibly, drinking age is 16 Binge Drinking: 35% Binge Drinking: 4.5% Many college presidents have signed the Amethyst Initiative (135 to date) Amethyst Initiative: lowers drinking age back to 18 Beer at 18, Hard liquor at 21 Earn a license by taking classes, and passing a test on realities of alcohol Penalty if person gets a DUI before or during possession of license, or if they get an MIP before earning license (will create an incentive not to drink early, and to not drive while drinking) Federal Government will allow this in states that prove: drinking offenses and deaths are lowered Law must be changed because:

it is nearly impossible to uphold (same as prohibition) delegitimizes other laws because we do not respect it
we are wasting tons of tax dollars on it Fig. 1Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon (alibaba.com) Fig 2. 1930's Moonshine Still (www.old-picture.com) Fig 3. John Belushi College Drinking (hpbw.wordpress.com) Fig 4. Family Dinner (winecountry.it) Fig. 5 Amethyst Initiative (amethystinitiative.org) Fig 6. Liquor License (bizarrefun.com)
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