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Ukraine 2013

No description

Luke Dineley

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Ukraine 2013

Ukraine Preparation Visit
What we would like to know.
-Where is the accommodation?
-Will there be washing facilities?
-What will the weather be like?
-Will we need any specific clothing i.e (swim wear, rainy clothes, walking boots)
-Will we need insect repellant?
-What will we need prepared beforehand?
-Do we have a kitchen we can use?
-What historical sites will we visit?
-How much walking?
-Any important background information?
-Finalised copy of the programme?
-We will be staying in Feodosia, with about a 5 minute walk from the beach for the first week. Week two we will be staying in Koktabel in a big hotel right next to the promenade.
- There will be facilities to was clothes in if we ask staff.
-The weather will be hot 20c-30c and very sunny so bring something to protect you from the sun.
-Bring swim wear, hats, sunglasses and light clothes for the daytime, you are advised to bring a long sleeved top the late evenings and walking boots or trainers for our days out.
-Bring insect repellant I was bitten over 27 times on my legs alone.
-We will have to prepare a city presentation, international dinner and performance, 2 games for the international game show night, 3 energisers for the plemun and bring with us things to put onto our group poster.
-We will visit mountains caves and catacombs that where used in WII.
-There will be a little bit of walking but you will need trainers or walking boots because of the surface of the ground..
What Luke has found out on the prep visit.
1, The first thing you will probably notice about Ukraine is the roads. So take care when walking in the road because they can be dangerous! You may twist sprain or even break your ankle in holes like these..
Everybody Ready?
The Group, So far.....
Answers to the questions
2, Now if you are wondering “ why would I be walking in the road?” it might be because the road may be the safer than the side walk (pavement) because walking down the pavement you might fall into these and never be seen again!
3, Now whist walking down the street you might dump into some of the local wildlife. As much as you might want to feed them I advise against it because then they will follow you everywhere!
4, There is no need to worry about them approaching you because if you leave them alone they will leave you alone.
5, The accommodation is called Alternative. it is a 5 minute walk from the beach It looks very nice has a sauna and an outdoor gym..
6, The second week accommodation is a hotel in Koktabel just off the main strand on the promenade. it is less than 5 minutes walk to the beach.
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