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Step-By-Step Fertilization

No description

Eline van der Wallen

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Step-By-Step Fertilization

Step-By-Step Fertilization
By: Eline van der Wallen - IS10D

First Month
Every human begins life as a single cell, which is formed by the fathers sperm and the mothers egg
Fertilization takes place in the mother's fallopian tube, which connects the uterus with the ovary
The uterus is made of muscle which stretches to aloow the baby to grow throughout the months
If the women's egg isn't fertilized within 12 hours it dies
Second Month
The embryo increases from 5mm to 40mm
The baby in the womb is usually measures from the top of the head to the bottom of the spine
Third Month
By the end of the third month the baby measures about 90mm and weighs about 45g
Boyhood or girlhood is now obvious
Fourth Month
There is evidence that the fetus responds to sound
Doctors have observed eye movements
Sixth Month
The baby is now about 190mm and weighs about 260g
Head hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and nails are growing
To protect the baby's skin having contact with the amniotic fluid a greasy substance called vernix covers the body
Between this stage and birth the baby will gain weight and will develop an insulating layer of fat beneath their skin
The baby will also receive antibodies against some infections until their own immune start to develop
Six to Nine Months
In the last weeks of pregnancy the baby lies head downwards
The baby is born and is now apart of a family!
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