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The inventions of breath mints

By Selin and Hannah

Hannah Van Sickle

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of The inventions of breath mints

By: Hannah and Selin What is the purpose of the artifact? Who was it? How was it used when it was invented and how is it used now? How is it better? Bio related and Agricultural
Medical There is always was and going to be oral problems. But the ancient Egyptians wanted to find a solution to this. They created Breath Mints to help with Oral problems and stench. They did not have the dentists and orthodontists that we have today (they did have many experts for medical issues, but not for oral problems), so this was a great fix. The old Egyptians made the breath mint. Th actual creature is unknown. But we think this may be a possibility; A Egyptian male was going to meet his date at the fabulous new restaurant. his breathing grew rapid and then he caught a little whiff and fainted. When he came to he thought "What can i do to have my breath smell better? OH
there is cinnamon boiling in honey over
that smell's good i should shape
it like goat pellet's" and
it stuck! Well first of all it is no longer made out of myrrh
or frankincense but is made pout of sugar and hard gum. They make mints by boiling water and wrapping them up in paper and selling it! Areas of technology that classifies the artifact. The Invention Of The Breath-mint Well it was used in the past to deal with all kinds of oral problems, and now it is used for basically the same things. The differences are today is that some people substitute breath mints for brushing their teeth, but in the past they didn't have any other alternative. Also some people use it as a treat or food today. How has this impacted society in a negative way? How does it help? 1. People substitute breath mints for brushing teeth
2. Many mints are filled with sugar and sugar decays your teeth and adds to gingivitis (This can cause bad breath so it is doing the opposite of what you want it to do). I gives us good breath! So if
we are talking to someone they don't have to suffer our bad garlic breath!!! Quote “If someone offers you a breath mint, accept it.”
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr. http://www.therabreath.com/articles/blog/oral-care-tips-and-advice/breath-mints-cause-bad-breath-as-often-as-they-treat-it-2086.asp


Googleimages.com Example

Breath Mints Sources Science

What would
go into the mints Technology

Replace bad breath Engineering

Finding out how
the ingredients stay
together Math

Figuring how much
of the ingredients to put
in it hellaheaven-ana.blogspot.com
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