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Tantram Technologies

No description

vipin kumar

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Tantram Technologies

Reliance Securities

Tantram Technologies
Our Services
Software Development

Website Development

Android Applications

Home Automation

Tracking Solutions

And Many MORE...
Why Us?
Our Team
Our Projects
Reel Lives Real Women
Beena Crane Services
Om Siddhivinayak Lifters
Simply Innovative
YOU can grow and take your business to new heights.

We are there to help you by providing advanced technology solution which will make your business smarter and simpler.

What We Do?
Rocket Batteries
The One who has technology rules the world.

We make sure that your business takes advantage of latest technologies to enhance productivity and efficiency and stay way ahead of your rivals

We believe in Innovation and that is reflected in our work too.

By trusting us to make your business TECH-SMART you can relax and see your business grow.

We are a team of engineers with expertise in
diverse technologies.

Softwares, Websites, Applications, Embedded
Systems, Automation Systems, Vehicle tracking,
Security Systems and the list still goes on.....

Development of Online Inventory
Manangement System for 22 Branches
across India
Developing Website and online Training Platform
Social Platform for Women to
share and celebrate the
stories of successful women
Development of Website
Search engine Optimization
and Business Management
Development of Website
Search engine Optimization
and Business Management
A Website for Common People
to assist them in filing RTI
Applications and providing them
expert legal advice at nominal
Call NOW for Enquiry

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