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Penny Enzyme Lab.

No description

amanda reyes

on 7 July 2011

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Transcript of Penny Enzyme Lab.

Enzyme Activity and Presentation. what was the enzyme represented by? The person who flips the coin. what was the substrate represented by? The coin itself. what was the coenzyme represented by? The tape around my hand. what was the inhibitor represented by? The person helping me. In trial I, why did the rate eventually decrease over time? What could have added to maintain the initial rate? Because in time there were less and less pennies. To add more pennies as you are loosing pennies. If more pennies were presented in Trial I, at the begginning, would the initial rate have been higher? Why or why not? Yes, because you would have had a higher number of pennies in the begginning. Why is it harder to pick up the pennies in trial II? Because our hands are taped and it is claw like and you can't really pick anything up like that. What factors can affect enzyme shape? The denaturation, coenzymes, heat, pH, and competive inhibitors. How might chemicals affect you if they acted as an inhibitor? denaturation: tertiary and quaternary structures are damaged, so the enzyme no longer assumes its natural shape, causing the loss of the ability to bind and catalyze substrates

coenzymes: helps substrate fit to enzyme, causing greater efficiency of enzyme

competitive inhibitors: competes with substrate for binding to enzyme active site. Their presence decreases the probability that a substrate can bind, causing decrease in production of products
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