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Prezi Project Keys to Success

No description

Sonja Johnson

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Prezi Project Keys to Success

Finish your research notes by fully answering your questions and using multiple sources.

Be sure to add two interesting facts!

Upload as Schoology assignment
Upload to Schoology Part 1
When project is complete, go to the share button and click on :Share prezi... at the top on your toolbar

Click on the tab that says: Copy link

Login to Schoology, open course, open discussion board for completed Prezi (see next slide)

Prezi Requirements
a. Title Slide with group member's names
b.Four slides with images and captions related to your research
c.)Four slides fully answering your focus questions
d.)Two slides with interesting facts related to your topic, but not your focus questions
Bonus Extras
How will you make yours different from the rest?
Add music, voice overs, video clips related to content, creative images, etc.?
See Prezi how-to video clips for more info.
Before you turn your project in, make sure you have checked the overall flow of your presentation. You can do this by pressing the present button on the top of your tool bar.
Mechanics #2
Be sure to proofread your presentation for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.
Prezi Project Keys to Success
Thank you!
Research Complete
Upload Part 2
Attach Link-paste URL and title it with your research topic

Add group member's names in comment box

How many slides total?

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