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John Oxley famous explorer

No description

kyah holmes

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of John Oxley famous explorer

John Oxley died because of a disease he had due to the difficulties he faced throughout his service. He died in Sydney 1828 25th of May.
John Oxleys Death
On John Oxleys first expedition 1817 he took his teamates such as George Evans and William Evans also Allan Eunningham on the journey.
When was John Oxley born? Where did he explore?
How did John Oxley die?when did John Oxley die?
Who did he take on the expedition?

John Oxley Famous Explorer
John Oxleys expedition journey
John Oxley
John Oxley is a famous explorer that was born on the 6th of July,1784 and he explored near the middle of Australia.
Who did John Oxley meet ?
John Oxley met a man named Victor Owen Williams on his expedition.
What did Oxley discover?
Oxley discovered a river he claimed it and named it the Bogan River,on the 13 of August 1817 in the Blue mountains. John thought there was a great ocean in the middle of Australia.
who did John Oxley meet?
On he's first expedition he took a man named George Evans and on he's second expedition he took a bunch of men.
Was it dangerous along his expeditions ?
What did John Oxley discover?
Was it dangerous on he's expedition?
John was blocked by muddy swamps and deadly animals in he's second expedition.
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