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19th Century American and European Theatre.

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huwaida al asmi

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of 19th Century American and European Theatre.

c) Some of the famous playwrights in the 19th century were August Friederich von Kotzebue, wrote over 200 plays. Renecharles Guilbert de Pixerecourt, wrote over 100 plays.Dion Boucicault, was the most successful English-language meoldramas writer.. Some of the performers they had in stage were jugglers,tumblers, and actors. The music they used were played from an Orchestra or a piano. The costumes the women wore were like "fancy" looking dresses and for the men it was just pants and a vest. For the set, instead of moving scene piece around they invented "The box" to help
make it easier for them. The props they used
were simple, they used things such as
furniture and other household items.

Most of the performances were held in the theatre. In fact, the first theatre found in America was in 1809 "The Walnut." The most successful African American theatre was "The African Grove." It was most successful due to the Civil War. The last theatre is the "Fords" theatre where Lincoln was assianated in 1865.
a) The time period I am reasearching is the 19th century, also known as the 1800's.
b) Some of the major characteristics of this time period would be the Melodramas, Romantic comedies, Romanticism, Realism and drama plays.
Most of the performances were held during the later afternoon hours. They did this because everyone would be out of work and it would also be the household past time. However this wasn't the only time they did performances.
Tommaso Salvivini, Sarah Bernhardt, Adelaide Ristori, Eleanora Duse were the most famous actors of the 19th Century. They performed for both the Rich and the poor. However the theatre was set up different than it is now. Back then the poor people would be up close with no seats while the rich people were the opposite. The material these actors used was written by writer (playwright). For every performance you needed a director, David Garrock and Johann wolfgang von Goethe were the first to take steps this direction. Two people functioned as early directors Richard Wagner and the Duke of saxe Meiningen. However Laurne Keen was the most successful wonto enter the theater managment. The Technical aspects were handled either by the director. The Designers handled wardrob and costumes. The walnut theater owner was associated indirectly, the theatre had recruted many actors. Also William Dunlap was influential in the 19th Century.
The theatre evoloved during this time due to new technology being invented. Most of the performances were made as entertainment for the people to enjoy. Although some actors/costumes/scenery used certain costumes due to how popular they were and how much attention they grabbed. However later on people lost intrest in theatre and musicals began gaining fame. After the musicals movies and many other things were invented.
19th Century American and European Theatre.
This era went from simple to "fancy." It all started with very small theatres to end up still existing till this day. Theatres got more famous day by day and so did the plays they hosted.They went from sceneries to sets, and went from normal dresses to fancier dresses, went from normal people to actors. The theatre used to be for everybody,but ended up turning it only for the rich. Both the poor and the rich could go and enjoy it but not together. Although the theatres tried to improve the performances by taking from sceneries from different cutures and true stories and making it up.

William Shakespeare is best known for his work at the Globe Theatre.
The word comedy comes from the Greek word comedy.
First Actor appeared on stage in 534 BC, his name is Thespis.
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