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YPWP - Getting Started

A users guide to getting started with Youplayweplay

Paul Veverka

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of YPWP - Getting Started

Getting Started Welcome to Youplayweplay! An Independent Presentation for new members! Hey! Congratulations! I see you've
joined Youplayweplay and may be wondering how to get started?

Thankfully this little guide is here to help.

We'll show you how to configure your profile and settings and of course where you can find everything you need.

You've already taken the first step! Use < & > Keyboard Arrows to Navigate this presentation Logging In - The Easy Way! Enable full functionality If you're a member of Facebook, why not log in using your Facebook account? You'll find many functions inside the YPWP website enabled for Facebook and YOU control the settings.

Don't worry if you don't have a Facebook account yet, you can always Login using your chosen YPWP details. Did you know?
Once you login, the slideshow widget you see on the Homepage will disappear. This is normal. It's only displayed to people who are logged out. The Homepage Navigation & Menus When you first login, you'll land on the Homepage. This is what it looks like.

You navigate throughout the website from the areas shown by the red arrows. You can also see the latest Lottery Results on the right hand side of that page and buttons to play on the left. Don't Forget "Like" the Facebook button Whilst you're on the Homepage, please click on the LIKE Facebook button. This will subscribe you to latest news. Give yourself an Identity! Edit your YPWP Profile A good place to start is to Click on MEMBER CENTER then at the top left of the page, click on "Edit My Profile" This takes you to your User Control Panel where you can upload an avatar (picture), create a signature and configure all your YPWP settings. It's worth a look for 5 minutes and you shouldnt need to go back in there much.

Definitely worth doing this first! Did you know? Youplayweplay is often abbreviated to just YPWP Top Tip! Choose a cool avatar Why not upload a nice avatar? Your profile pic is used throughout YPWP whenever you post or use the social aspects of the site. Time to Play Lotto! Now lets look at buying tickets Click on Member Center then on the left hand side, "My Tickets". You will see a new page prompting you to choose which lotto you want to play.

Make your choice and follow the on screen instructions to pay. You get amazing value! Did you know? Play when you want? You can actually play whenever you wish, with a single ticket, or various kinds of subscriptions for each lotto. You're in total control! Good luck for the next draw!

OK....let's now look at the Business Opportunity! Affiliates The Business Opportunity Are you ready to earn money with YPWP? One of the most incredible things about YPWP is the fantastic payplan allowing you to earn a % of the spend of your referrals, and theirs down 6 levels! Click on Affiliate Center. That's where all the tools to start your business are! Explore this section, where you'll find the ability to invite people on Facebook, your unique referral page links to give to your prospects and of course promotional banners!

You get PAID when the people you introduce play within YPWP! That's on top of your Lotto Prizemoney!!! Top Tip! Invite your friends and family Why not get your business off to a flying start by inviting your friends, family ,work colleagues and people in your email address book. The Share Tool Let the YPWP website do the work! You can activate your Share Tool within the Affiliate Center. The Share Tool enables these icons which sit at the bottom right hand of your website.

Using only a few clicks of your mouse, you can quickly enter a persons name and email address and the site will send out a message on your behalf inviting them to YOUR YPWP link! This makes inviting friends very easy, very fast and very effective!

The Share tool also has some social integration to make it just as easy to invite people in twitter and facebook too. Affiliate Tools Many marketing tools to help your promotion In your Affiliate Center, you'll also find direct links to some excellent tools to assist your promotion effort.

From campaign managers, to click reporting and much more, these state of the art tools are available for you to use free! You can monitor how effective your campaigns are.

But wait...you want to know about the MONEY!! OK then.... Did you know? YPWP is global in over 90 countries! Your commissions and prizemoney is paid in GBP. Commissions & Genealogy Real time financial information! There's a fantastic commission statement on the "My Commission" page. This shows real time info on how many times your referrals have played and what you've earned from them!

Commissions are paid quarterly but you can ask for them more frequently for a small fee.
and Finally..... Social Aspects Featuring Forums Your daily place to discuss YPWP At the top right hand side of the website is a link to the lottoconnect forums. This is a lively, fun place full of YPWP and lotto discussion.
As well as the latest news, you'll also find loads of affiliate and business help and support.

The forums are moderated to ensure they are kept friendly and helpful. This is an ideal stop to meet new aquaintences and to discuss your promotions.

And now , there are EXTRA reasons to take part...... Introducing Reward Points You earn reward points for taking part on the lottoconnect platform. Yes, points for posting! These points can be traded for entries into a FREE lottery and even traded in for further prizes! Add Friends Socialise and take part When in Lottoconnect, why not click on a person's profile? As well as learning some more about them, you can ADD them as a friend. They will need to accept to be your friend.

This is important if you want to socialise further. Are you ready for THE WALL......? The Members Wall Chat, take part & update Status Each member can update their status on their member's wall. (Similar to Facebook). If you've added some friends, you will also be able to see their wall activity, and they will see yours. This is an excellent social addition to the YPWP community and a great way to organise your business or keep in contact with your referrals.

Of course, you can add anybody....if they accept your invite! Did you know? From your member center you can also manage your private messages , friend requests and see your lotto tickets and subscriptions. but that's not all!..... Every Member has a FREE Blog! which you can use for promotion or personal use By going to

you can set up, configure and post to your very own YPWP Blog! This colourful blog template is ready for you to use and is FREE for every member, adding to the wealth of social features available. Just another FANTASTIC addition to YPWP! Did you know? You can trade in the reward points you have earned for posting on blogs and lottoconnect, for a FREE lotto called FREEplay. Tickets cost 10 of your reward points and jackpots are announced weekly!
Look for the FREEplay link at the bottom of the Lottoconnect forum.

Reward points will also in future be able to be used to redeem for other nice things! Watch this space. and Finally.... We wish you the VERY best of luck in your Lottery draws. Some big prizemoney can easily be won on top of your commissions!

Youplayweplay is here!! Go tell your friends! Thank you for your time viewing this presentation.
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