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Don't panic, it's just social media crisis

No description

Monika Czaplicka

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Don't panic, it's just social media crisis

social media crisis
internet monitoring - how, tools, ideas
how to analyze crisis?
social media crisis reaction model - 5c rule
why there are digital crisis?
preparations before action
Don't panic, it's just social media crisis
Monika Czaplicka
crisis timeline
do not provoke
go out to the people
do not argue - talk
be transparent
show results
talk about the future
use energy
do documentation
Adjust the channel
Embrace the chaos
follow the crowd
know when to be offline
prepare procedures
work on customer service
2. Not my brooch
3. Whatever as long as on Facebook (to whoever)
4. Sailing the sea without a map, compass and destination
5. But what tools?
6. Food chain, or hierarchy
7. You're disturbing us, customer
8. The same
9. One goal
10. Unfulfilled promise
1. Shortcuts
Protection of the reputation and brand
Analysis of the marketing effects
Consumer insights
Customer care
Sales Support
Sentiment Analysis
Anticrisis tool
10 areas of analysis of data from social media monitoring

1. Analysis of the volume of content - how much is written about the brand (target group, the attractiveness of the topic, marketing activity)

2. Time Analysis

3. Space Analysis (communication channel)

4. Influencer Analysis

5. Analysis of sentiment

6. Brand Analysis - the number of the contents of the share of individual brands or brands (Share of Voice, Share of disscusion)

7. Analysis of the type of content

8. Content analysis: context

9. User Analysis - sex, engagment

10. Qualitative analysis - the most important / interesting content
· Definitions - What is a crisis, and the only problem? what are their characteristics?
· How to tell others about the crisis
· Procedures and plans in the event of a crisis, and the problem
· Relevant policies and rules online management adapted to different channels of communication
· Internal communication plans during the crisis
· Model declarations for different channels
· Certain bands, substitution, and individual members
· Forms, documents, checklists
· Forms and reports post-crisis
· Dictionary, knowledge base and other necessary materials
take action
encourage to return
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