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Prospect Identification, Research, and Segmentation

No description

Diane Creamer

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Prospect Identification, Research, and Segmentation

Prospect Identification, Research, and Segmentation
Best Prospects
People involved in organization
Board Members
Current and former
Key Volunteers
Know best stories about people served
Most important contributors
Current Donors
You DO go back to the same people
Lapsed Donors
20% can be persuaded to donate again
They will donate too!
Those Generous to Similar Organizations
Donor lists posted in:
Play bills
Hospital Reports
Affluent People with Peer Relationships
Do their interests relate to your organization?
Prospect Research, Research, Research
1) Supporter's relationship to organizations
2) Interests and hobbies that relate to organization
3) Networking: Who in organization is closest to prospective supporter?
4) Capability: ability to give
Prospect Ratings and Evaluations
Determining the "Ideal" Volunteer Solicitor
Giving Capacity: income and assets
4 Key Areas
Make a list of possible donors
Narrow down to a master list
Segment list into prospective donor's capacity to give and then divide it into potential giving levels
Focus on Major Donors
Research Research Research
Recruit Volunteer
Determine their comfort level to be involved with the solicitation
People typically give only 1/5 of their giving capacity
Determine Capacity to Give
Build a personal relationship with prospective donors
Better to ask too much than too little
Determining the Request Amount
By: Sarah Rosemond
Diane Creamer
1) Willing to visit
2) Who rated the prospect's giving capacity higher
3) Who knows them the best
4) Volunteer with fewer assignments
Give volunteers a packet with 3 documents:
3) Key
Volunteers will then use this information to fill out the Prospect Rating Form
2) Prospect Rating Form
1) Cover Sheet
Your Turn!
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