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Gabby Abordo

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of 10 FACTS ABOUT BINARY

Fact 2
You can code in Binary too. If you make up a code and get someone to crack it, you can crack the code and make a website or word.
Binary is a computer language, just like Denary. Binary is also known as Binary Numeral System or base-2 numeral system.
Fact 1
Fact 3
The difference between Denary and Binary is that Binary is changing a normal number into numbers that only consists of 0 and 1. Whereas Binary is changing the numbers of 0 and 1 into a normal number.
Fact 4
Binary is usually used in most modern computers because of its easy use. Binary was discovered by a man called Gottfried Leibniz. Any number can be represented by any sequence.
My Opinion
I strongly dislike Binary because its boring and confusing to me.

BY Gabby and Zoe

There are normally units,tens, hundreths,thousandths and so on but binary consists of 1,2,4,8. The unit column doubles every time, no matter how big the number.
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