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Writing Today

No description

Jamie Langston

on 2 September 2010

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Transcript of Writing Today

Inventing Ideas and Prewriting Prewriting Using Heuristics Exploratory Writing uses visual and verbal strategies to put your ideas
on the screen or piece of paper, so you can think about
them and figure out how you want to approach your topic. use time-tested strategies that help you
ask good questions about your topic and
figure out what kinds of information you
will need to support your claims and statements. uses reflective writing to help
you better understand how you feel
about about your topic and turn those
thoughts into sentences, paragraphs,
and outlines.
Concept Mapping Freewriting
Brainstorming Storyboarding Journalistic Questions Five Senses Rhetorical Triangle logos (reasoning) ethos (authority) pathos (emotion) sight sound smell touch taste
describe it compare it associate it analyze it
apply it argue for/against it Cubing Journaling Blogging Microblogging Presentation Software
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