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Rice of China-Christine Belinko

important facts about rice in China

Christine Belinko

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Rice of China-Christine Belinko

Rice is a staple food in China. This grain fed thousands of people for thousands of years more than any other grain has before. The need for rice production has led the Chinese to pay particular attention to irrigation technologies, improving cultivation. Rice has had a strong influence on the social, economical, political, and ideological developments of ancient China. China is the largest producer of rice in the world. China accounts for 26% of all the world's rice productions and is increasing every year. Rice was the very first grain to be harvested in China, so for many years that was the only thing the people could live off of. Chinese people even developed a rice wine. Rice also became very important as decorations. The Chinese people used the rice on bronze vessels to distinguish which ones contained rice in them. Documentaion also shows that the Buddhist's scriptures referred to rice over and over again. Rice Day!

-This day will celebrate the importance of rice because it is a staple food in China.
-How? Rice should be eaten throughout the day to represent its importance.
Where?All across the world.
Who? Chinese or any one related and anyone wants to participate
Why? To show they appreciate rice and its importance Significance of Rice
Christine Belinko
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