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No description

Matt Bray

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of JCPenney

Situation Analysis Company Analysis Consumer Analysis Consumer Analysis Product Analysis Competitive Analysis Problems Opportunities Target Analysis: Secondary Research Target Analysis: Primary Research Seen as “mom’s store” by audience
Difficult to differentiate in mature market
Shift brand image to be more appealing to this audience while maintaining current brand position 25-34-year-old women
Heavy buyers of children’s clothing
Slightly above average buyers of jewelry
Above average buyers of personal clothes
Found trends through in-depth interviews
Quantified trends with surveys
“Do not want to shop where their mother’s shop nor from stores swarming with teens”
Burden of choice Want quality products for an affordable price
Want their style to affirm their identity
Apparel supplements, rather than defines, image
Brand loyal, not store loyal
Tend to research online before buying
JCPenney offers products for every aspect of our target’s life
Product carries negative image of being out of touch with this target
Product image depends on store image
Need to make the JCPenney brand image more desirable Direct competitors are all other department stores and some specialty stores
Target is preferred among this audience because it is the “one stop shop”
Ads among the competition are largely the same
JCPenney is has a less vivid brand image than its competition
Hard to find common ground
Seen as a store for “older” women
Heavy competition
Not unique brand image JCPenney has products for all life stages
Potential for gain in market share
Audience’s differences unite them
House brands to create new image Well educated
Going through dramatic life changes
Technologically savvy
Transitioning between brands
Want stylish, quality, affordable clothes
Enjoy leading a healthy, active lifestyle
Try to balance work and play
Use the Internet as source of entertainment
Price conscious but want to look good
Family is important
JCPenney is accepted, but not preferred Creative Targets Identified
Rock Climbers Positioning Statement JCPenney has a fun atmosphere unique among department stores with exceptional customer service. Establish JCPenney as a fundamental part of our target’s changing lives. The Big Idea Transcend Clothing Inclusiveness by "Filling in the blank" Diverse Audience: An Adaptive Strategy Fill in Your: Life Print Television/Hulu Guerilla and Outdoor What are we really selling? Media Plan Strategy & Integration Measurement & Evaluation Budget Methodology Copy testing
Image/brand recall
Online forums
Social Network Analysis
Random in-depth interviews
In store surveys Campaign Objectives Overview • Increase sales 5 percent within our target over the life
of the campaign
• Create positive brand image with our target
• Retain current JCPenney users both within and outside
of our target
• Move from brand recognition to preference Sample Selection Diverse Representation that reflects target audiance Guerilla Ads 1 Million
12 Cruises 2.4 Million
Fit Pregnancy 339,780
US Weekly 2.28 Million
FaceBook 27,352
Groupon Free Up front
YouTube 2.5 Million
Hulu 31.4 Million
Express 2 Million
Holiday Activities 6.3 Million
5k run 4.6 Million
Out of Home 2.4 Million
Prime Time 30.1 Million
Total Spent 85.6 Million
Contingency 5 Million Traditional Social Media JCPenney Campaign Media Schedule Classy Campers Concurrent Testing Post Testing Magazine
Outdoor Non-Traditional Guerilla Advertising
All Remaining SNS
JCP.com Groupon • Drive traffic between all online sites
• Utilize a main form of media
• Ability to target specific metropolitan areas or entire country
• Provide incentives for current and new customers
• Increase knowledge of in store brands and designer labels such as Sephora
and Mango
• Increase social media followers by offering updates through SNS What Groupon Will Do Located in Metropolitan Areas
Guerilla ads to create buzz
Reflect "Fill in Your: Life" Strategy The theme of change and being
in control of your own change is what the campaign is centered on. “Filling in”
does not only mean fill in clothing, it means being in the drivers seats to different
parts of your life, at your own pace, and taking control of where you go. Fill in Your: Life - Versitile For Any Situation and Lifestyle Holiday
Social Example of Research: Fit Pregnancy Theme is consistent throughout promotions, but the promotions themselves are diverse enough to keep the target interested in what is coming next.
Common theme also allows for building brand preference, but is flexible enough to avoid becoming redundant. Strength and Flexibility Social Media and Campaign Social media are a fundamental part of our target's lives and integrating JCPenney into media they currently use will allow our target to participate in and build the brand with JCPenney. SNS allow for cross promotion across multiple media Customer Relations over Hard Sells Promotion Objectives • Retain current customers and influence them to buy more
• Induce new customers to try the brand
• Reinforce advertising effort by integrating promotions into social
media Events Partnerships SNS Traditional Before diving into the campaign, we wanted to know as much as possible about the target
audience of 25-34 year-old females. We established the following objectives: • Identify what principles this age group values
• Understand what drives their shopping habits and attitudes
• Discover how this target audience lives
• Identify the best way to connect with this audience Create Awareness Through Traditional Media Allow Social Media to Spread Message Promotions Sales Events Brand Image Resulting in a Higher Impact Through research and planning, we have developed an integrated, high impact advertising campaign that will increase sales, create a positive brand image, and improve your business. As you have seen, FootPrint Communications can help deliver the message of a new JCPenney to a highly diversified target through our inclusive strategy. • Platform to other social media sites
• Updates on promotions and
• Groupon sale dates • Focus on social capital to build brand
loyal customers
• Customer service and customer
• Connected to other SNS because of
ubiquity of Facebook use with target • Allow customers to build the brand
• Endless contest and promotion opportunities
• Earned Electronic Word of Mouth Marketing Supplement Television
Event Promotion
FootPrint Communications
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