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English Homework

The skin I'm in bullying

Erika Swinford

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of English Homework

What Maleeka Should Do? Step Step Step Maleeka should tell a teacher, her mum or a trusted adult. Bullying No More Logo!!! Maleeka's Case Study!!! Maleeka is also bullied by John-John who made a rap about her being black even though he is black as well. He sings the rap in front of the class which makes things worse and humiliates Maleeka. The skin I'm in In infant and junior schools, 30.5% of all bullying is physical.
46.5% of all bullying in schools is the verbal type.
Indirect bullying accounts for 18.5% of all bullying.
According to a survey done in 2003 only 4% of bullying is listed as "other types" and this would include cyberbullying. Bullying Statistics!!! Step CYBER BULLYING IS bullying through technology like mobile phone text messages or in chat rooms on the internet. Verbal bullying
Physical bullying
Cyber bullying
Social alienation
Indirect bullying
Intimidation Different Types Of Bullying!!! Intimidation bullying is when a bully threatens someone else and frightens that person enough to make him or her do what the bully wants. Bullying No More!!! My Bullying Helpline!!! bullying!!! Resources I Have done my leaflet on paper and I will hand it in to you. Homework By: Erika Swinford offensive comments about a person's religion, gender, ethnicity, popularity, family background or appearance to make them feel bad and not appreciated. PHYSICAL BULLYING includes any physical contact that would hurt or injure someone like hitting, kicking, punching, having something stolen from them and any other kind of aggressive contact. VERBAL BULLYING IS name calling, making INDIRECT BULLYING includes the bully spreading rumors about them or telling someone eles their secrets that were told to the bully in private. SOCIAL ALEINATION IS when a bully leaves someone out of a group or game, deliberatly ignores them, or spreads rumors about them. BULLYING NO MORE helps children of any age who are being bullied. BULYING NO MORE is for both the children being bullied and the bully. BULLYING NO MORE are here every hour of the day to listen, advise and comfort you in confidence. BULLYING NO MORE will do little 1 to 1 work shops to help you become more confident. Get help for free if your being bullied! Maleeka gets forced to do char and the twins' homework so that she can wear nice clothes from Char. Maleeka feels she needs to wear Char's clothes because hers are sewn by her Mum who is not very good at sewing. Maleeka should keep a diary of what the bullies are doing and saying to make her feel sad. If Maleeka keeps a diary of all the bad things said to her then she will have proof and if she doesn't have the courage to tell someone by mouth she can show the diary and they can read it Maleeka should not fight back because that will just make things worse. My Leaflet!!!
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