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The National Competency - Based Teacher Standard (NCBTS)

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Peter Mendoza

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The National Competency - Based Teacher Standard (NCBTS)

The National Competency - Based Teacher Standard (NCBTS)
What are expected of the teacher in the classroom and in the community are spelled out in the National Competency - based Teacher Standard (NCBTS)
Domain 1
Domain 1
Social Regard For Learning
Domain 2
The Learning Environment
Domain 3
Diversity of Learners
Domain 4
Domain 5
Planning, Assesing and Reporting
Domain 6
Community Linkages
Domain 7
Personal Growth and Professional Development
Statement of Principle
Teacher in all Philippine school are committed and accountable for providing classroom instruction with result that are manifested in high performance levels in terms of student learning outcomes. Teachers are dedicated to the well - being of the students and communities thay serve, taking into account their cultural diversity, group aspiration and what is valued in education.
The Teacher's Actions, Statements, and Different types of social interaction with student exemplify this ideal.
Strands of Desired Teaching Performance
Performance Indicators
1.1 Acts as a Positive role model for students
1.1.1 Implements School Policies and Procedures
1.2.2 Demonstrate Punctuality
1.3.3 Maintains appropriate appearance
1.4.4 Is Careful about the effect of one's behavior on students
1.5.5 Show respect for other persons and their ideas
Domain 2
Social Regard for learning
Learning Environment
Can engage the Different learning activities and work towards attaining high standard of learning
Strands of desired teaching Performance
2.1 Creates an environment that promotes Fairness
Performance Indicators
2.1.1 Maintains a learning environment ofsourtesy and respect for different learners (eg. Ability, Culture, Gender)
2.1.2 Provides Gender - fair opportunities for learning
2.1.3 Recognizes that every learner has Strengths
2.2 Makes the physical environment safe conducive to learning
2.2.1 Maintains a safe, clean, and orderly classroom free from distractions
2.2.2 Arranges challenging activities given the physical environment
2.1 Creates an environment that promotes fairness
2.1.1 Maintains a learning environment of courtesy and respect for different learners (eg. Ability, culture, gender)
2.1.2 Provides gender - fair opportunities for learning
2.1.3 Recognizes that every learner has a strengths
2.3 Communicates higher learning expectation to each learner
2.3.1 Uses individual and co - operative to improve capacities of learners for higher learning
2.3.2 Encourages learners to ask questions
2.3.3 Provides learner with a variety of learning experiences
2.3.4 Provides varied enrichment activities to nurture the desire for further learning
2.3.5 Communicates and maintains high standard of learning performance
2.4 Establishes and maintains consistent standards of learners' behavior
2.4.1 Handles behavior problems quickly and due respect to children's right
2.4.2 gives timely feedback to reinforce appropriate to learners' behavior
2.4.3 Guides individual learners requiring development of appropriate social and learning behavior
2.4.4 Communicates and enforces school policies and procedures for appropriate learner behavior
2.4.5 Encourages free expression of ideas from students
2.4.6 Creates stress - free environment
2.4.7 Takes measures to minimize anxiety and fear of the teacher and /or subject
Domain 3
Diversity of learners
This Domain of Diversity of Learners emphasizes the idea that the teachers can facilitate the learning process in diverse learners
Strands of desired Teaching Performance
Performace Indicators
3.1 Is familiar with learner's background knowledge and experiences
3.1.1 Obtains information on the learning styles, multiple intelligences and needs of learners
3.1.2 Designs or selects learning experiences suited to different kinds of learners
3.1.3 Establishes goals that define appropriate expectations for all learners
3.1.4 Paces lessons appropriate to needs and/or difficulties of learners
3.1.5 Initiates other learning approaches for learners whose needs have not been met by usual approaches
3.2 Demonstrate concern for holistic development of learners
3.2.1 Recognizes multi - cultural backgrounds of learners when providing learning opportunities
3.2.2 Adopts strategies to address needs of differently - abled students
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