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Board of Governors - March 6, 2012 - Draft

No description

Anne Duqué

on 7 February 2012

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Transcript of Board of Governors - March 6, 2012 - Draft

Global Language Strategy Board of Governors - March 6, 2012 FY12 - A year of changes! LS History The Global LS Team
Strategic Languages
Criteria & Usage
New Way of Working
FY12 Achievements
Looking to the Future
Questions The beginning Study by Kris Downing presented in February 2005 1 year ago... Today! Link to last year's presentation FY12 Achievements Global Projects Done! List of projects In Process... List of Projects Delayed Values Explorer Communication SharePoint What's Up Meetings New Way of Working! What is Different? Insert comparison table
Modules vs programme
Vendor instead of agency Process Translation Request Form Quote and Timeline Translation + QC Additional Steps Review
On-line implementation
Desk Top Publishing (DTP)
... Project Close And Process Documentation Processes in MS Visio Guidelines User Guides Templates New Tools Trados InDesign Creation of Data Bases Translators
DTP Professionals Coming Soon: MS Project Trados - an inside revolution! A professional tool: Efficient collaboration with Translators and Reviewers
Clear estimation of our costs
Administration and control of our Translation Memories Insert Data on TM's Our Own vendors Screened by CCL
Dual background of translation and education
Native speakers
Experienced in our field Direct contact with our translators and reviewers
Trained by the LS team to meet our requirments
Constant contact with the LS PM's
Quality Check process Benefits for CCL Savings And also... Insert savings data Time saving
Control on Projects
Needed/Existing Ressources
Do more for our colleagues and our clients! Administration Time and costs tracking
Set up of LS Finances
Complexity Metrics
Capacity Metrics
LS Competency Grid
Client Specific Pricing Template Our Strategic Languages Tier 1 Tier 2 Others Criteria Revenue linked to Languages Challenges No tracking system (no complete data)
What do we look at – programmes only or all interventions?
What was spent on translations outside of Global Language Strategy? Languages Usage FY11 The Global Language Strategy Team Nora & Gloria
LS PM's Anne
GLS Manager RIPD ITG Global Markets Marketing Global Operations Regions LatAm Team
Africa Finance Adjuncts Network Associates Legal 3rd vendors DSI Our Future! FY13 Projects Insert table Gaps to fill lsr@ccl.org based on usage - IAS and DSI Full report of 29 pages
Competitive advantage
Key stakeholders: Clients, ADR, OE, Custom, Coaching, Europe and Asia Campuses, ITG, CASG, CCL Board of Governors and Management Team
Tier 1: Canadian French, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican Spanish , UK English
Tier 2: Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Russian
Tier 3 (2009 and beyond): Hungarian, Czechoslovakian, Vietnamese, Hindi
By Fiscal Year By Language for 2,5 years FY12: 6 months Spotlight on key projects Add some key client projects
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