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The Scarlet Letter

Introduction to the Novel

Nannette McMurtry

on 13 September 2010

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Transcript of The Scarlet Letter

We're going to create a "sin scale". Draw a vertical line on your paper and at the top label 'almost heavenly' and the bottom 'deserving of the most severe punishment". causing someone's death by your own actions judging someone based on stereotype betraying a friend for selfish gain purposefully hurting someone's feelings unwanted pregnancy (i.e. within an affair, out of wedlock lying greed- always needing more (money, etc) cheating on your wife/husband if they don't love you taking revenge on those who've wronged you, even at their own expense How do you think your chart would change if you viewed this through the eyes of a Puritan? This is where our story finds its heart--it's a romance, it's a judgment, it's a commentary on the condition of the human spirit and it asks the questions "what is right, what is wrong?" And ultimately, it will make us look at ourselves and ask "what is our scarlet letter?"
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