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TinTin Osabal

on 21 September 2014

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The Use of Mechanical Parts
The Parts
The Parts
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It is used to support and adjust the parts.
The Parts
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*Stage Opening
*Body Tube- attached to the arm and bears the lenses
*Draw Tube- cylindrical structure on top pf the tube that holds the ocular lenses
*Arm/Neck- curved/slanted part which is held while carrying the microscope
*Stage- platform where object to be examined is placed
*Stage Clips- secures the specimen to the stage
The Mechanical Parts
-Base -Stage -Draw Tube
-Pillar -Stage Clips -Revolving/Rotating Nose Piece
-Inclination Joint -Stage Opening -Fine Adjustment Knob
-Dust Shield -Body Tube -Condenser Adjustment Knob
-Arm/Neck -Coarse Adjustment Knob -Iris Diaphragm Lever

It is an optical instrument for forming magnified images of small objects, consisting of an objective lens with a very short focal length and an eyepiece with a longer focal length, both lenses mounted in the same tube.
What is a Compound Microscope?
The Parts
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*Base- bottommost portion that
supports the entire/lower microscope
*Pillar- part above the base that
supports the other parts
*Inclination Joint- allows for tilting
of the microscope for convenience
of the user
THE MICROSCOPE (Mechanical Parts)
By: Christine Mae P. Osabal
*Coarse Adjustment Knob- geared to the body tube which elevates or lowers when rotated bringing the object into approximate focus
*Fine Adjustment Knob- a small knob for delicate focusing bringing the object into perfect focus

*Revolving/Rotating Nose Piece- rotating disc where the objectives are attached
*Dust Shield- lies atop the nose piece and keeps dust from settling on the objectives
*Condenser Adjustment Knob- elevates and lowers the condenser to regulate the intensity of light
*Iris Diaphragm Lever- lever in front of the condenser and which is moved horizontally to open/close the diaphragm
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