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Sturm und Drang vs. Romanticism

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Alexis Damron

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Sturm und Drang vs. Romanticism

Sturm und drang began in 1767. Sturm und Drang
It began as a revolt against
the Enlightenment. Why did it begin? Romanticism Some of the most popular playwrights
of the Romantic movement were
Hugo, Schlegel, and Tieck. Playwrights in the Romantic Era. Germans Sturm und Drang
Romanticism By: Alexis Damron They revolted because they felt more than
anything that discord and conflict was
more effective to an audience than "the
arrogance of the Enlightenment." Unfortunately, Most of these authors
were forgotten. Their
works were not especially
popular. Some names associated
with Sturm und Drang: Goethe, Schiller, and Herder. Sturm und drang was a
precursor that led to the
Romanticism movement. Romanticism began in 1798. Romanticism was also a revolt
against the Enlightenment. Topics associated with the Romantic movement are; a. incest, murder, rape, revolt b. nature, art, truth, instinct If you said b, you
were correct!
The Romantics
focused on feeling
and man's
While writers
during the Sturm
und Drang movement wrote about dark and more serious topics. were ready for something new, which is why they changed their purpose to the Romantic movement. Asian philosophy helped aid the
Romantics in their ideas just as the Greeks assisted Sturm und Drang playwrights. Drang both objected the rules of society. They wanted to break away from traditions and authorities. This gave more power to the individual. Romanticism and Sturm und BUT Even though the two are similar in establishment and ideas, they each possess their own ideas and influences, keeping them separate.
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