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Maker Spaces: KDL Digital Futures Taskforce

No description

Ashten Wilkey

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Maker Spaces: KDL Digital Futures Taskforce

Maker Spaces
Nuts & Bolts
Unique spaces
Facilitate informal learning experiences
Develop culture of creating over consuming
Creative, problem-solving places
Foster community exchange of knowledge or skill sets
Maker Spaces
equipped with tools and materials
3-D printers!
Hack Lab
Creative Space
and in California...
Think STEM, and creating
Who are they designed for?
Anyone. Chances are...you are a maker!
People who want to:
share space or materials
learn or teach a skill
have more space for projects
collaborate with like-minded makers
Groups or individuals
Watch this!
Awesome Maker Space #1: YOUmedia@ Chicago Public Library
Located at 5 Chicago Public Library locations
Connects people of all ages to books, media, institutions and mentors
Digital keyboards, laptops, video cameras, 3D printer and more.
Project groups including YOUmedia records, open mic and YOULit Magazine.
Online community of sharing
Free with a Chicago Public Library card.
Awesome Maker Space #2
Fayetteville Free Library's FAB Lab
Located in Fayetteville, New York
Free membership--only cost a small fee to use specific materials
"Reserve a 3D printer" feature on website
Little Makers program for 5 to 8-year-olds
Run by staff members during open hours
8,000 square feet (Little Makers 1,500 square feet)
How do they work, exactly?
Most are paid memberships
Available during open hours or 24 hours a day
Some host events

They even have...
Maker Spaces & Libraries
Why should libraries consider
Maker Spaces?
Cultivate Entrepreneurship
Expand the idea of play to tinker, to stimulate, to learn and grow
Enhance job training
To remain relevant to patrons who don't visit libraries as often

But there is one REALLY big reason...
Because it just...makes sense!!
Community meeting spaces
Materials and knowledge
change people's lives!
Put patrons in the driver's seat and help them see the world differently
Give people access to materials and space to create
Watch patrons exchange ideas and information
Sounds like what we're
Why Change?
Maker Spaces can help shift public perception of libraries in a positive way.
Maker Spaces encourage a
DIY culture
, a sense
of community, and patron empowerment.
Maker Spaces expand our reach. They are the
form of learning and play.
For patrons to evolve, we have to as well.
It starts with us.
Maker Space Tools in Libraries
CNC Machine
carves signs out of wood
Milling machine for creating small prototype parts
Laser Cutter
prints and binds paperbacks
designs computer programs for robotics
engraves text, graphics, photos on
plastic or other things...
More libraries with Maker Spaces
Westport Public Library
accommodates up to 12 people
free to cardholders; non-residents pay $10/hr for training, $20/hr for using materials
time slots available
Detroit Public Library's

HYPE Center
teen focused (13-18 yrs)
for DPL cardholders only
grant funded
includes bike tech, DIY crafts, sewing/wearables, and Arduino robotics
Oak Park Public Library's
Legal complications?
Yes. There
legal complications involved.
We may need:
Liability waiver forms, and for patrons under 18, a parent/guardian signature
Possible certification for trainers
To check regarding code compliance issues with local municipalities
A Maker Agreement stating patron responsibility
A posted safety sheet
And potentially other requirements
Questions to Ponder:
What is prompting the popularity of Maker Spaces?
Is it a trend? Are we just doing what everybody else is doing, without good reason?
Can we really provide enough tools for it to be worthwhile?
Is it too expensive?

KDL & Maker Spaces
Why would our communities be interested?
strong support of Art Prize, WriteMichigan, local musicians, Start Garden, Downtown Market, craft ales, etc
high demand for classes and programs
furthers the goals of KDL as an active community center
open membership with KDL card
What are branches doing now?
conversation with GRMakers
TONS of maker-type programs already, like Drop-In Crafts, Sit 'n' Stitch and Teen Zones !
Cascade - Teen Film Editing Suite
Grandville - Interest in Bike mechanics
Wyoming - Little Discoverers and Junior Discoverers
Plainfield - Maker Space room
What challenges do we face?
Building ownership
Space restrictions
Branch demographics
How do we fit Maker Spaces into our communities?
gauge community interest
consider demographic needs
create impromptu Maker Spaces in branches
programs with maker concepts
market and brand it
play, try it, fail, try again
How do we market our Maker Spaces?
social media
word of mouth/advocacy
Next Steps

start talking to organizations
continue programs with maker themes
consider how Maker Spaces align with your branch
discover what is desired by your community, and seek experts who can work with your staff
build on current and past successes. evaluate.

Title slide: Chicago Public Library, Innovation Lab. Photo by Keith Hammond.
Slides 3, 4, 11, 12 : Library Director's Summit, Michelle Boisvenue-Fox
Slide 8: www.youmediachicago.org
Slide 9: https://fflib.org/make‎ Fayetteville Library Fab Lab
Slide 20: GRMakers.com; thegeekgroup.org
Slide 23: Arprize Photo by Anne Teliczan; beer city USA, Grand Rapids MLive Cory Morse, Garrett Ellison, Emily Zoladz
Slide 29: izuminagai.blogspot.com
Slide 30: wikipedia/wiki/Tower
Photo Credits:
Presentation Designed by:
Ashten Wilkey

KDL Digital Futures Taskforce:
Ashten Wilkey, Craig Buno, Melissa DeWild,
Michelle Boisvenue -Fox, Mike Carpenter,
Monica Walen, Rachel Rayburn, Sheri Glon

Awesome (and local) Maker Spaces #3
GR Makers
Geek Group
3,000 sq. ft industrial building 401 Hall St SW
Open community lab with a
Machine shop, a workshop, and a design studio.
Memberships levels include:
Tinkerer - Evening access (4-10pm) for $49/mo, 10 card punch
Maker - Open hours (10am-10pm) access for $99/mo
Resident - 24 hour access $199/mo
Maker bus
902 Leonard St NW
25307 members scattered across the globe, in every state in the US and one hundred and forty-two countries.
Membership levels:
Free - access to videos and chat
Online paid - $20/mo exclusive online content and 10 hrs in studio
Facility - $40/mo open hours. Pay extra for CNC machine
Tower Tidbits
Towers hold more weight once the structure tapers up the building a certain height
In order to avoid collapse, from the elements, towers need sufficient stiffness around the periphery
A tuned mass damper, the same thing found in cars is built within to damp out movement
Did you know...skyscrapers are technically not towers, even though they use the same design.
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