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Strengthening Student Grassroots Networks

No description

Sheffield Hale

on 30 June 2011

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Transcript of Strengthening Student Grassroots Networks

SustainaUnity (2) Academics (1) Civic Engagment (1) Sustainable
Living/Behavior (1) Website Newsletter Earth Week Grassroots Student Initiatives Top-down Policy Initiatives (3) Student Self-Governance Push method
(new info) Pull method (static info) 'Parade where everyone has their own float'
- Van Jones A) Participate in discussions Have voice/vote B) Activism or Awareness Poor relationships w/ decision-makers? Offer Issues WITH
Solutions Change has come from students and originated from within the UVA culture PROGRESSION OUTLINE
1. Unifying within each of three main realms: Academics, Sustainable Living, and Civic Engagement.
2. Building cohesion among these areas through initiatives such as:
Earth Week, a website, and a newsletter
3. Engage in dialogues with administrators who make policy decisions for the University Sustainability Minor http://www.arch.virginia.edu/undergraduate/minors/SustainabilityMinor/ http://sustainaunity.com/ http://sustainaunity.com/live-sustainably/uva-green-challenge/ http://sustainaunity.com/get-involved/ http://sustainaunity.com/events/earth-week-2011/
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