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What is a Statistical Question

Written and Researched By: Karmyn, Skyler, and Akaiya.

Mr. Parke

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of What is a Statistical Question

How long does it take Karmyn to eat a plate of smores
What is a Statistical Question
How are Statistics Useful in Research
Statistics are useful because they deal with easily defined data. When working in research fields such as science or medicine, experimental data has to be collected and examined.

Statistics help researchers to study large sets of data and shorten it into meaningful information.
Definitive Numbers vs Statistical Questions
What is it?
A statistical is a question that can be answered using data. Any question that may be answered by a single number or answer is not considered a statistical question.
By: Skyler, Karmyn, Akaiya
Questions that can be answered with a definitive number, or a confident answer, ARE NOT statistical questions. For example, "how many bricks are on this wall" is not a statistical question because the number of bricks on the wall can be accurately counted. It will not be necessary to use a statistical question, or data, to solve this.
on average, how many dogs live on Akaiya's street?
what proportions of students at Skyler's school like watermelons?

Why do you Need Statistics?
Statistics helps researchers make inferences about data.
Researchers and professionals use statistics for a lot of information-gathering needs.
Who discovered statistics?
In 1786, a man named William Playfair made the idea of graphing representation into statistics.
Thanks for listening!!!
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