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Clinical Psychologist

No description

Christa Klais

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of Clinical Psychologist

Right Brained
After I learned that I am right brained, I noticed it could help me choose a career. I learned that I am more of a creative thinker, and that could be useful in a career.
Other Fields
Music Therapist
Being a Clinical Psychologist
Some require having a masters degree, others require a law degree.
Description of being a Clinical Psychologist
I chose this song for its positive message.
Visual Learner
I need to see things to understand them.
I need to pick a career that resonates with my learning style.
While treating patients, I will need to have mercy on certain people that need help.
Skills for this career
Active Listening
Social Perceptiveness
Complex Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Christa Klais
I chose 'Scars to your beautiful' by Alessia Cara.

Evaluate, diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders
Growth in this Career
I would have learned patience , kindness, love and mercy.
10 years into the future
as a Clinical Psychologist
I would like to have helped many people.
Thank You!
Clinical Psychologist
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