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John Quincy Adams

No description

Shea Grogan

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of John Quincy Adams

John Q went to a college called Harvard college. Adams picked Henry Barbour instead. I got my info from a book called Jhon Qincy Abams by paul joseph th publisher is AB Do publishing coplace publesh endiana minnesota 1999. JHON QUINCY ADEMS BY SHEA G. After the Presidential years The Presidential years Before the presidency sources Jobs before being the president. He was a lawyer,a professor,a diplomat writer. Mr.Adems asked Mr. Jackson to be the secretary of war. Jackson refused. Now Adams had political enemies in congress. Biography and He was born on July 11 1767 He was born in Braintree Massachusetts. He was married to Louisa Catherine Johnson He had 3 boys and 1 girl. He died on February 23, 1848 He died in Washington D.C Becoming the president he was the 6th preaident He had a vice president named John C. Calhoun He served 1 term. The years he served were 1825-1829. Adams wanted to have the best people for his cabinet he wanted ti connect America with new roads and canals. He also wanted to stop slavery. he wanted to build new factories and create new jobs. He wanted money to help the farmers. He wanted to make laws to protect the Native Americans. He lost to Andrew Jackson. he reternd to Braintree massachusetts.He got elected to political office. fun facts he had 4 kids, his dad was a president, he liked swimming in the river, he was a poet, and he lived to see the first camera!!!!!!!!!!!!
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