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Anime History

No description

Devon Haywood

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Anime History

Who created anime and why?
This thing we call anime, was'nt really created by anybody. Anime History A couple of Japanese film makers were experimenting on animation techneques. What types of anime are there? Some anime is drawn by hand, like this one shown. Also,like this one shown, anime can be made with computers which can creat 3D effects. This is called computer animation. Name fits doesn't it?:) Another type of animation technique would be flipbook animation. Flipbook animation is drawn step by step with very little changes in each drawing. An example is shown here, where the arrow is pointing. There are more techniques, but these are the most important and major anime techniques What was the most popular anime cartoon back then, who created that cartoon, and how popular was it? The most popular anime cartoon was creatin in 1963, and it was called Astro Boy.
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