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Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale

No description

Brooke W

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale

Wi-Fi Body Scale 61% of adults are overweight or obese
Higher risks of illness
Knowing is the first step Why Wi-Fi? Easy
Doctors can monitor your weight
Tech Specs Easy to read display Can track up to 8 people Wi-Fi capable Tracks your:
lean mass
fat mass
Blood Pressure
Heart Rate Why is weighing yourself important? Why Lean Mass, Fat Mass, BMI, and more? Fat Mass

15% for a man
23% for a woman
VITAL Lean Mass

Muscle, bones, water, and organs
Helps detect health problems, and nutrition and food imbalences Distribution, Price & Packaging $160
PRICE DISTRIBUTORS www.withings.com
Brick Bodies (includes Lynn Bricks) PACKAGING Competition Market Research Target Market Men and Women
middle to upper household income
most importantly want to be more aware of their well-being IMC Plan Overview Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Helps detect health complications early Goal: increase brand awareness
create community & lifestyle Identify Target 25-50 male/females
health concious SWOT Scales technology
Tracks up to 8 people Strengths Weaknesses Technology required
Places to purchase
High Price Opportunities To be the first
Increasing supporting trends Threats Lower priced scales
Poor economy Strategies & Tactics Stay ontop of new technology
Marketing Promotion Tools 1. Bracelet 2. Choose your own promotion 3. Print Advertising 4. iPhone Ads 5. Feature Article 6. Online Community 7. Active in the Community Executive Summary
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