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Video Creation Pathway

No description

Denise Castro

on 30 November 2017

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Transcript of Video Creation Pathway

Steps to creating a video
Make your project electronic in one of these formats
Video Scribe
Adobe Spark
Multiple Images, Text, Narration, Music
Write out your script or narration for the project
Select music background
Practice the pacing of your narration with the movement of your project presentation
Choose from the programs below
No option to edit, associated with your CSUMB gmail account. It's actually a Conference Call tool but you can screen share to your presentation on your computer and then record a narration, even annotate. It will make you an Mp4 file that you can upload into YouTube. (PC or MAC).
No option to edit except to crop beginning and end, on any MAC only. Produces an M4v. Make a screen-capture of your presentation and narrate. Need to use YouTube to convert to sharable link.
Techsmith Snagit
No option to edit except to crop beginning and end, on PC or MAC. On campus computers or can download. Produces an MP4. Need to use YouTube to convert to sharable link.
Techsmith Camtasia Studio
Can edit on PC or MAC. On campus computers or can download. Requires editing skills. Produces an MP4. Need to use YouTube to convert to sharable link.
On a MAC only. Requires editing skills. Produces an MP4. Need to go to YouTube to convert to sharable link.
from Microsoft Office

Instructions to Google Search for Images that are free to use and share
Convert your MP4 M4v into a YouTube Link
Not a screen-capture but a place to drop in pictures, add type, add transitions and music can download to quicktime and upload to Youtube. Can also directly video and narrate into iMovie.
how to use a screencasting program
(software that records your computer screen with audio capabilities)
then convert video file into a shareable link
Convert your MP4 M4v into a Link in your Google Drive
To have a link to copy and paste into iLearn or share with others
Even get a free 7 day subscription to Video Scribe to organize a series of images and words and narrate and send up to YouTube. Will not export an file on the free version, but will go straight up to your YouTube acct.



or other Screencapture

Instructions for Setting up Zoom and to screen share and record your session

iLearn Dashboard (Left sidebar) has access to free software that includes Techsmith products Snagit and Camtasia
Screencasting or screen capture is a term that means to record anything on your computer screen to a video. The idea being that you make an electronic presentation using a tool like Prezi or Sway and then use the screencasting software (Zoom, Quicktime, Snagit) to move the presentation forward while recording and narrating (it produces a video file). Or you can customize your presentation by adding images, text, narration and music with more complex software like iMovie and Camtasia. YouTube is a tool similar to iMovie and Camtasia but with less control and customization.
Should I make a custom video or use Screencasting?
Screen cast tool
Presentation Tool
Custom edit tool
Check your computer for audio and
test it.

Make sure the quality is as good as possible
and that there are minimal background noises.
Spark from Adobe
Create a video with narration or music or create a webpage on your phone, iPad or computer. Can email it to yourself or get a link. Here's an example of a Webpage.
Example of a Video made with Spark
Find it at https://spark.adobe.com/

My Example

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