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dps skis Wailer 112RP...epic

some stoke on the new 112rp

benjamin campbell

on 6 June 2010

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Transcript of dps skis Wailer 112RP...epic

Drake & Peter Turner meet in Utah. Instantly they launch into discussions of flex patterns, laminate structures, and the fire is rekindled for the perfect carbon fiber ski. DPS is born. The Lotus 120 & 138 debut as 2 of the 5 new skis in the quiver. They are highly sought after & copied by the industry within 1.5 years. 2005-2006 A new factory to the South. New Press and manufacturing technology to battle the ongoing challenges of prepreg carbon fiber. Bamboo Sidewalls evolve as necessity. Offset Pin stripe designs: White Lotus 138's. Black Lotus 120's and Wailers. Lotus 138's provide futuristic powder performance- the buzz starts to gain momentum again. 2007-2008 2006-2007 Year two in the South. Huge startup issues remain. 14 hour days. Piles and piles of prepreg carbon waste mounts. Delivery is late again, but performance is unquestionable. 2008-2009 The move is made to switch back to Plastic Sidewalls. Through the process, a huge breakthrough is made. All of sudden pure carbon fiber skis can be made with the consistency and regularity of conventional fiberglass skis. All cosmetic durability issues are nailed. The warranty rate on a highend carbon skis goes below 1%- the future of highend carbon skis is secured. We introduce our Hybrid line to complement the highend Pure: carbon+ nano line. The best skiers in the world want the trickest skis under their feet, and DPS looks for nothing less than full global domination. 2009-2010 20010-2011 Buzz starts to rumble late January 2010 about an alleged new ski. Similar rumblings start for a new technology DPS is calling the "Secret Sauce" The ski debuts at the SIA tradeshow and is hyped up to levels unheard of in the ski industry. This thing is a game changer, plain and simple. This is the Wailer 112RP. Your days on snow may never be the same again Were talking taking you from here: To here: We weren't even on the snow yet and the RP was killing it with the ladies ! Even when we put them on snow these things impressed the crowd "Clearly these slay pow, but getting back to the lift is just as fun. Railing high speed slalom turns is as easy as laying them on edge. Making turns of differing radius is a breeze."

"I haven't been this stoked on a ski in quite a while. Next year's quiver may consist of a 112 Pure with Dukes and a 112 Hybrid with Jesters. I honestly feel that the versatility of them doesn't warranty a smaller ski for other days."

"I finally got on the 112RPs this morning in 20+" of fresh Utah powder. They are a masterpiece. I felt more confident on them than any ski I have ever skied." Ski Length: 168CM , 178CM , 190CM
Pure weight per Ski (Lbs/Kg): 3.5/1.6 , 3.7/1.7 , 4.0/1.8
Hybrid weight per Ski (Lbs/Kg) 4.2/1.9 , 4.4/2.0 , 4.6/2.1 Online pre-order specials going on now until June 7th
Pure's @ $1019
Hybrids@ $679 mens womens select "more", than "fullscreen"
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