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Peace news

No description

Adam Mohamed

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Peace news

by Adam Mohamed,
Jasmin Kellaway
Jade Bromfield
Ishita Joshi structure & Funding THE BEGINNING! 1936 Guess who? WW2 Peace News - Campaigns & Trials Peace News combined with War Resisters' International 1973 Peace News attempted to ban the sex book 'The Little Red Schoolbook' and reprint extensive extract. Peace News played crucial role in launching the British Withdrawal from Northern Ireland Campaign The Leveller magazine got together with Peace News in order to reveal Colonel B's identity. 1971 1972 1974 1974 Peace News published a special edition revealing and printing in full Colonel David Stirling's plans to establish a strike-breaking "private army" 1978 Together with Nicholas Albery of BIT Information Service, Peace News request for funds. 1995 Peace News together with Campaign Against Arms Trade, sued for libel by the COPEX due to repeating allegations. Social Media Peace News
121 likes on Facebook
Joined August 2011 Red Pepper
7,972 followers on Twitter
1,712 tweets Peace News
722 followers on Twitter
659 tweets Red Pepper
3,847 likes on Facebook
Joined June 2009 "A paper that gives us hope and it should be widely read"
(Hausman peace diary 2012) "Help build a radical movement for the future"
(Peace news) Focus group "This is reported
exactly the same
as the BBC would" "This is no
different to
normal news" "Peace News has
compiled an exemplary
record... its tasks have
never been more critically
important than they are
(Noam Chomsky) Lack of media presence Vicious cycle Lack of funding and resources Survey Have you heard of peace news Do you follow current affairs (54 people between 18 and 30) Directors Part time staff Volunteers Milan rai
Gabriel Carlyle
Claire Poyner Rebecca Dale
Emma Sangster
Emily Johns Howard Clark
Emma Sangster http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/peacenewspress/the-march-that-shook-blair Clair Poyner - Admin “We don’t really have a board – we manage ourselves. There are two directors though, Howard Clark and Emma Sangster (Emma is also a staff member as acting web manager). The directors usually take more of an advisory role rather than day to day decision making." Funds Acquire some income from a grant

reader supported paper

Budget for this year is dependent on them raising £10,000 from donations £10,000 Overheads Salaries Printing Shipping Non-profit organisation Operating expenses for News Corp. for the fiscal year 2012: $20 Billion!! (News Corp Annual Report 2012, p.14) Chris Cole - Contributor I think alternative media is a very important source of information. Our website is part of that alternative source from mainstream news. and occasionally we have the great and the good of mainstream news dipping into our sources and reporting that, which is good but I think a lot of people don't see that and we need to see more people use alternative media. particularly now with the advent of the internet and the ability to communicate and get information relatively quickly from across the world. PPU "Warless World" NOW! Staff What they stand for Style 1936:
5,000 1940:
40,000 1941:
18,000-20,000 “Peace News seeks to oppose all forms of violence, and to create positive change based on co-operation and responsibility. To create a nonviolent world, we believe we must avoid violence in our struggle for change”. (Peace News website) VS Contributors
office staff/admin Few part time supplimented by volunteers Few part time supplimented by volunteers monthly Bi-monthly Standard subscription from £10 standard subscription fixed £29 Heavily reliant on donations Higher subscription costs make it less reliant on donations Rent Lighting Gas Phone To hire 6 part time staff for a year.. National minimum wage = £6.19 £6.19 x 12 = 74.28
74.28 x 52 = 3862.56
3862.56 x 6 = (working 12 hours a week) £23,175.36!! so it's no wonder ...... "PN’s core project – the paper itself – is still struggling to break even." (peacenews.info) Ian Sinclair.... "Peace news is a tiny operation" "I would say that by the standards of radical media initiatives the amount of energy that we put into social media is low to very, but I think that by the standards of radical publications its probably above average."
(Milan Rai-Editor) "You know the peace symbol? Well Peace News approved it" "Too Bold. Too Different" (Milan Rai-Editor) What image comes to mind when you think of the word peace? How alternative is it? They are falling behind the competition The lack of Media presence. To Conclude...... London Greenpeace came into action and their first campaign was against French Nuclear Tests "The relationship has changed with the mainstream media over the years" (Milan Rai-Editor) (http://www.my-newspaper.co.uk/prices.htm) 5,000 copies = £640.00 The price of a 1st Class stamp = 60p "Peace news in the 60s and 70s was seen as a significant media player." (Milan Rai-Editor) "This is the same as normal news."
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