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Unit 8: War Conflict and Terrorism M1 Work

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Mark Wood

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Unit 8: War Conflict and Terrorism M1 Work

Task 3 (M1) (Expand on P2 by producing an annotated map which analyses the impact of war and conflict on your chosen UK public service)

For M1, learners must develop this further, analysing the impact of war and conflict on a specific public service. Learners should base their analysis on a public service which has direct involvement with wars and conflicts on the international scene (so the likelihood is that one of the armed forces would be selected, although third sector organisations will also be involved, especially when dealing with the humanitarian aftermath of wars and conflicts).

British Forces in Afghanistan
2001 - 2012 Over 10 years of conflict in Afghanistan have taken a huge toll on the UK's armed forces, physically, mentally spiritually and logistically British fatalities in Afghanistan as of 24th September 2012 are 433 men and women of all services, while wounded total well over 6,000 The BBC has reported that military welfare officers are
struggling to cope with the effects of combat casualties Bereaved families, widows left to struggle financially Assisting the seriously wounded to reintegrate into society What is rarely reported is the number of field hospital admissions, which would might shock the public if they were made aware http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2009/sep/17/afghanistan-casualties-dead-wounded-british-data Ben Parkinsons compensation was halved from £1 million
after Ministry of Defence 'restructuring' Unit 8: War Conflict & Terrorism
M1 work All three services are experiencing cutbacks
the British army is scheduled to reduce to 82,000 personnel by 2020 to give you an idea of scale, in 1945
army numbers stood at 3 million! badly injured soldiers such as Ben Parkinson are not
retained because of the financial costs.... The conflict in Afghanistan has cost £9.4 billion so far To combat the threat of IED's (Improvised Explosive Device) ground forces have been forced to use a
broad mix of heavily armoured vehicles which now
makes up a vehicle fleet of 22 different types. This is costly and time consuming to maintain and repair. To get around the problem of booby traps in building and compound entrances, troops have been using Javelin anti-tank missiles to blast a new route through surrounding walls and gain entry The estimated cost of each missile
is £20,000 without the launch mechanism The armed forces public profile
has never been higher... charities
such as 'Help for Heroes' report
a huge response to their appeals However the reputation of UK forces
has paradoxically been enhanced and
damaged by the conflict The courage and military skills of soldiers
often outnumbered has been commended by
all, however, the limitations of such a small force
have also become very evident.... some soldiers are experiencing their 4th or 5th
tour of duty in Afghanistan in as many years The 'survey of opinion' completed by all
members of the armed forces every 4 years
has shown record levels of dissatisfaction with
having to try and do an increasing set of tasks
with less and less resources..... The impact on the British Army is based around the morale of the troops, affected by cutbacks and casualties,
in what many people see as an unwinnable war, and the
financial implications in a period of national austerity.
The following news report should give you plenty of
information to complete the Merit 1 work for this assignment Thanks for listening... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/15212871
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