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Employee Safety Presentation

Prezi #1

Tina Ho

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Employee Safety Presentation

Employee Safety Presentation
Prezi #1
Safety Rule #6
Safety Rules #7
Safety Rules #8
Safety Rule #5
Safety Rule #3
Safety Rule #4
Safety Rule #2
Safety Rule #1
Interior Design
Swatch Interior Design offers a breadth of products and knowledge to personalize the design experience for their clients. Blending aesthetics and personal taste with form and function, SWATCH can provide any client with a space that fulfills their needs and appeals to their sense of style.
Safety is a team effort. Ensure that every member of the crew knows the safety requirements before the job is started.
Safety is your Responsibility.
Always communicate with co-workers during a job in order to maintain safety.
If you make a mess, clean it up. Never let safety be someone else's job.
Don't create unnecessary hazards. Notify others of both new and old ones.
Never take shortcuts. Always follow correct procedures.
Wear metal mesh gloves to protect your hands when using sharp knives regularly.
Keep your work area clean and orderly.
Safety Rules #9
Keep access clear to emergency exits, equipment, and equipment shutoffs.
Safety Rules #9
Keep access clear to emergency exits, equipment, and equipment shutoffs.
Safety Rules #10
Prevent accidents by clearly identifying any hazards that cannot be removed.
Safety Rules #11
Safety should be your first thought, not an afterthought.
Safety Rules #12
Safety is everyone's assignment.
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