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Short-Term Plan For Establishing New Infertility Clinic in O

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Mohammad Sharaan

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Short-Term Plan For Establishing New Infertility Clinic in O

Health is not a privilege for the few, but a social good to everybody. Especially, to those families to whom nature has not offered the gift of maternity either:

Not being able to have a child after a year of trying.

Pregnant women but keep having miscarriages.
Planning Department
Head of Gyna/obst department

Planning specialists

Different areas needed within the facility:


Short-Term Plan For Establishing New Infertility Clinic in OB/GYN Hospital
We as an important Healthcare facility, call to arms with loyalty the power of science to help those women reach motherhood.
A formal planning department was assigned to carry on a proper plan to best establish a fertility assisted unit in our hospital
Doctors form the teaching staff

Chief Nurse

Research unit Representative

Head of the laboratory

Financial department Representative


Providing access to fertility and gynecological care for the families living in Alexandria, Marsa Matroh, Kafr El-Shekih and Elbuhaira, guiding them to fulfill their dream of having a family.
To provide best practice reproductive care for couples experiencing infertility.

To provide ongoing education to staff, health professionals, patients and the population in general.
To further enhance an holistic approach to reproductive care.
To continuously foster and promote research into fertility and infertility.
Setting initial Requirements for the Location/Building
Capacity Building (Staff recruitment & training)
Allocating equipment & supplies
Setting polices & procedures
Evaluation& reporting
Community Outreach
We respect the importance of family and
a couple's right to reproduce.

We respect the integrity of the individual.

We make decisions according to ethical principles
and in accordance with the wishes of our
patients and the welfare of the child.
outstanding medical staff
strong commitment to community mission
excellent hospital facilities
outstanding healthcare quality
high level of organization efficiency

lack of adequate resources

lack of primary care network

shortages of critical staff

growing metropolitan community

increased managed care business

growing community health care programs

reduced government reimbursement

competition for specialty physicians

competition for healthcare provider networks
IVF lab and associated facilities

Oocyte retrieval and transfer room

Sperms and Hormones laboratories

Recovery rooms

Sample collection room

Patient attention and waiting areas
Working and private areas for staff
By: Mohammad Sharaan, Ahmad Soliman, Mohammad Abo Gazia and Islam Salem
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