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No description

lluna angosto

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of FASHION

It was founded by Amancio Ortega, professor at school and José María Castilian, as an assistant.

Amancio Ortega

Amancio was born in Leon in 1936.

When he and his family moved to Galicia, and there began to weave the Zara empire.

According to Forbes magazine, has the largest fortune of Spain and Europe.

In late 2009 he was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit.

Once again, the catwalk MODAFAD dedicated to emerging designers, has closed the 080 Barcelona Fashion leaving a bar with loud regarding creation. This time there have been collections Autumn-Winter 2014/2015 youth that jut into the current scene: William Rodriguez (BAU) and Patricia Ferreira (FDI), winner and runner up, respectively, in the latest edition of MODAFAD.

In an operatic atmosphere created by the music of the parade, William Rodriguez presented "vulnerable", an evolution of the previous work "Romantycs" which reflects on the role of the young romantic.

Patricia Ferreira takes us to the city of Berlin, the epicenter of the current underground to present "Alex," a collection of contrasts designed to free women and very urban.

Custo Dalmau is a catalan designer was born in 1959 in Tremp.

Custo Barcelona
Is a chain of fashion stores presented in 69 countries.
There is also Zara Kids and Zara Home.

Have clothes for all ages.

Zara Kids is a section for children.

You can buy zara clothes online
In 2013, Zara had 1808 stores worldwide, of which 324 of them were in Spain.

Stylists Friends or Sex in New York liked Custo use.
In 1996, Custo and his brother created their own brand Custo Barcelona.

They were the first designers that made printed t-shirts.
In 1997 they were invited to the Spring / Summer Fashion Week in New York, which began its popularity in the United States.

After a trip to the United States decided to design shirts.

At first he was associated with the Catalan textile company Meyba.
Trends Spring Summer 2014
The pastel shades
invade your wardrobe this year. This season takes all colors but softer version. Lemon yellow, candy pink, baby blue, mint green ... biker jacket pastel wins starring in the spring.
The trend sophisticated sport
is made for people who want to dress with comfort without sacrificing style. The jewel sweatshirts, t-shirts with numbers, sports, the bombers, caps ... The sporty trend so chic sneaks in stores.
and remind us Boho-chic style. They are very comfortable and perfect for this season, including wide, great for warmer days, we find all possible colors and patterns.

You can take a look both day and night, just knowing how to combine them. We will be great with sandals or platform heels or if you prefer to go flat more comfortable, put 'em with flat
If you want to change style of jeans you can try
the boyfriend jeans
, as its name suggests, it is as if you had taken a pair of boyfriend, brother or friend. They are comfortable and flattering!
They have a more broad and straight, are not tight and there are a thousand ways to combine them. For a more daytime look Combine with shoes or, more heat closer, with flat sandals.
Clothing chain is quite popular for people.
Spanish chain specialized in women lingerie and corsetry
This bussines is in 50 countries.
There are stores 557.
You can buy online.
Lingerie, swimwear, casual clothing, fragrances, accessories, special maternity collections, lingerie or male.
It was created on 1993 from CORTEFIEL GROUP (1880), a family haberdashery business in Madrid.

Over the years, this business evolves into textile production.

In 2000 starts the online store used.
In the eighties, the youth fashion brand casual Springfield (1988) was born.
In 2006 added women's clothing
Is a Spanish chain of fashion stores.
It has 887 stores 52 countries.
Have simple styles and bright colors.
There are also shoes and perfumes
És una cadena española de tiendas de moda.
Cuenta con 887 tiendas 52 países.
Tiene estilos simples y colores vivos.
tambien hay calzados y perfumes
1. Istarted by change?
2. I have many vulimic friends?
3. There is so competition?
4. People fake with me?
5. People is interesred with me?
6. I was always on a diet?
7. I'm short to be a model?
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