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20 Things About Angie Lara

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of 20 Things About Angie Lara

20 Things about Angie Lara
I have one dog
I have never been out of the country
And I have never been on an airplane
I can't stand the sun
I only have 2 sisters
There are no younger or older brothers, sorry
I can't walk in heels
I've been wearing glasses
since, the 4th grade
It drives me nuts if I'm outside in the summer for to long
My favorite sport would be
volley ball
My favorite animal is a panda
I love horror movies
I like writing stories
I usually write my stories inside a small book, most those stories will never be shared
If I could travel to any time period it would be ancient Egypt
I have never been to a live concert
My favorite sea
on would be fall
In the 4th grade I used to have a collection of rare rocks
I have never been to an ocean before
My lucky number is 24
My favorite super hero is Spider Man
one of my favorite teachers was 24. My baby sister was born on the 24th. So many things relate with the number 24. That some how it started to become my lucky number.
Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays
Mostly Halloween
I am bilingual
cause their fat
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