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Michael's Expedition to the Americas

No description

michael kang

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Michael's Expedition to the Americas

Michael's Expedition to the Americas
Gather Resources and materials from Portugal
Food (on each ship):
-15 Barrels of beer
-15 Barrels of fresh water
-18 crates of ships biscuit
-20 crates of dried fruit
-3 barrels of honey
-10 crates of olives
-10 crates of garlic
-10 crates of cheese
-50 crates of salted meat
-10 crates of dried meat
Cargo (onboard the The Santo Antonio):
-70 lbs. of furniture
-70 lbs. of spices
-45 lbs. of ivory
(onboard Nossa Senhora)
-70 lbs. of rich fabric
-50 barrels of wine
Ships (4):
-The Santo Antonio
-The Espirito Santo
-The Sao Miguel
-Nossa Senhora
Get Cargo of spices and ivory from India and Asia
Get crew, colonists, priests, and soldiers.
Get supplies of food.
Get fresh supplies of food to prevent the disease of scurvy.
-5 barrels of fresh fruit
-5 crates of fresh meat
-3 barrels of rum
-20 crates of dried meat
-15 crates of ship's biscuit
-20 barrels of wine
-3 barrels of fresh vegetables
*70 sailors are needed
*150 colonists are needed
-50 men (most will be farmers)
-75 women
-25 children
*25 soldiers
*3 priests
(Onboard each ship)
Travel along the coast line to avoid storms and starvation
King James the I granted money and permission to sail west for the Americas to try to set up a colony
Gather Resources for the final part of the journey
-20 barrels of fresh meat
(dry them on the way)
-20 crates of dried fruit
-20 crates of ship's biscuit
-20 barrels of fresh water
-50 barrels of dried meat
-50 barrels of fresh meat
-20 barrels of beer
We will need food supplies, timber, and gold from the natives in America
-food (to stay alive and to grow our own food)
-timber (for buildings)
-gold (to return to Portugal)
We will set up a colony right here in South Carolina
Ship design for my expedition
(known as the caravel) We will use triangle sails to "tack" the wind.
1624 March
1624 March
1625 April
1624 July
1623 September
1623 August
Reached Hispaniola and set sail for the Bahamas
Estimated time: 2.5 months
Note: hug the coast line to avoid disasters
We out-ran three pirate ships and avoided capture. This encounter has reminded us of the dangers of the sea. This was a close capture, as we have almost no cannons onboard the ships. We were lucky this time. If I ever make it back to England, then I will require weapons to travel and settle in the New World.
Reached the Bahamas
We are going to stay here for a while because of fall storms in the ocean. We are going to hold out the winter also.
Reached America in present day South Carolina
In estimated time it took 1 year and 9 months.
We landed too late. We were supposed to land here in the beginning of January.
We landed in late spring.
I was afraid of the dangers. We met the pirates but I was scared of the fearsome monsters of the sea and the other major disasters, the storms. I cannot name them but they are like thunderstorms with stronger winds and a lot of rain.
Set sail for Africa
Estimated time: 3 weeks
Gather Resources and set sail for South America
In my estimates it took too long to go to Africa.
Gather as much resources to go several months
Estimated time: 3-4 months

End of My Presentation
We will set sail from England
My purposes of my expedition is to both convert people into Catholics and to gather riches. My colony will be existing mainly for religious reasons. I will not go to deep into my thoughts.
The jobs I will provide
The men's jobs include:
-Farmers (majority)
-Trader (about 30%)
-Loggers (about 10%)
-Miners (about 2 %)
The women's jobs include:
-Teachers (majority)
-Farmers (about 7 %)
-Traders (about 3 %)
The children will not work.
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