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Initiation Plot Diagram

No description

Jesse Whittow

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Initiation Plot Diagram

Initiation Plot Diagram
Basic Situation:
Millicent, the main character, is desperate to fit into the popular group, which consists of being "Initiated" into the sorority every girl that goes to Lansing High dreams of being in. (P. 5)
Millicent, along with four other girls, takes place in a five day process in order to be initiated. The story starts out by Millicent being locked in a cellar. (P. 5)
Millicent used to be shy, and plain, but now she wants to be known as more than that. She wants to finally be a somebody, not a nobody. Millicent's best friend, Tracy, tries to tell her that being part of the sorority is a waste of her time and will make her someone she doesn't want to be. But being adamant with her decision, Millicent doesn't change her mind. (P. 5-6)
Leaders of the sorority talk to the new members about what they mostly can't do while being initiated. Millicent gets very excited about almost being a part of the knit group, or the exclusive set at Lansing High. (P.6-7)
Millicent talks with one of the members of the sorority, Louise Fullerton, and they discuss the up coming plans for the sorority and who Millicent's "big sister" is. They also discuss why Millicent's best friend, Tracy, didn't make the cuts for being in the sorority, which was because they placed her under the category of "too different". (P.8-9)
Millicent meets her "big sister", Beverly Mitchell, who happens to be the toughest one yet. Bev calls Millicent a "gopher" and makes her start to do chores. Millicent thinks it's all a joke. (P.9)
Existing members of the sorority make the new members do a 1920s dance while singing different songs like maniacs. (P.10)
Bev makes Millicent ask random people on a bus about what they ate for breakfast. Millicent talks to a man who tells her about Heather Birds, and how they live in mythological open lands. (P.11-12)
Millicent talks to another girl who is also getting initiated, Liane Morris. Liane explains that her sister was in the sorority and she had prestige values in the school. (P. 12)
The story goes back in time to where she is sitting in the cellar again, where she thinks over everything over the past week. (P. 13)
Rising Action
Millicent compares sparrows as pale birds, that look exactly the same, to Heather Birds who are free, but also lonely at times, who soar and sing wild in the sky. (P. 13)
Falling Action
Millicent realizes that she has two kinds of victories for her; being crowned as part of the sorority labeling her as another member of their flock, or staying true to who she is while still being happy. (P.13)
Millicent had the hardest thing she would ever have to do: dropping out of the initiation. With her decision, she was sure she heard the Heather Birds flying overhead and deep inside, Millicent knew her own initiation to life and the journey ahead was just beginning. (P.13-14)
By: Jessica Whittow
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