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Gamma Knife Surgery

Information on GKS

Richard Lai

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Gamma Knife Surgery

Gamma Knife Surgery History Procedure How it Works What Does it Treat? Side Effects Advantages Disadvantages Professor Lars Leksell Borje Larsson Design a Hemispheric Array of Small Radiation Sources Radiosurgery Treatment Intracranial Lesions 1968 First Gamma Knife Treated Hundreds of Patients 1984 & 1985 New Prototype 201 Cobalt Sources 1987 Model U Leksell Gamma Knife 2000 Model C APS 2003 Canada's First Gamma Knife WINNIPEG!!! MRI is Done Leksell Gamma Plan
Approved by Neurosurgeon, Radiation Oncologist, and a Medical Physicist What is it? No Knife! Fitted with
Stereotactic Frame 2-45 Minutes Patient on Gamma Knife
Collimator Helmet
Positioned in Unit
Beams of Radiation on Target
Comminication VIA TV Monitor & Intercom Cobalt-60
Collimator Helmets
Vascular Malformations
Other Neurological Disorders Nausea Seizures Headaches Swelling One Session
Not Many Side Effects
Brief Exposure to Radiation
Cost is 25-30% less than Regular Neurosurgery
No Risk of Hemorrhage or Infection Unsuitable for Targets > 3-4cm
Meant to Treat Targets that Spread to the Brain Sources http://www.wrha.mb.ca/prog/surgery/gamma_knife/index.php
By: Richard Lai Questions?
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